How to Market a Painting Business?

Establishing a business is another subject and marketing that business to continue its growth is a whole different topic. Marketing is surely an essential part of business as nowadays competition is intense and the market is uncertain more than ever.

Be it a small painting business or a large painting company without proper marketing strategies it can not sustain and grow against its competition. There are multiple factors that can affect the business, and to cope with that, marketing can be an amazing tool.

With the digitalization of the world, the dynamics of marketing have changed. That’s why marketing is now considered a subject that cannot remain the same. 

Here, we are discussing some compelling marketing solutions that answer your question – about how to market a painting business. You as a painting company can get help in making a solid presence in the market, grow as a brand, and get maximum profit by a number of leads and customers.

Common Essentials For Marketing

Both physical and digital marketing will require some common ground. For instance, your company needs to have professional branding accessories in order to make an identity of your business. 

A creative and engaging logo design should be the first step. You can choose a high-end professional graphic designer or free tools to design your logo but it should be unique, relatable, and impactful. Ultimately, an inspiring logo design will become the representative icon of your company. 

Moreover, other well-thought branding concepts like the color scheme, website, business card, and font style are some optional but very important elements for marketing and other activities. 

Now let’s look into different marketing solutions to promote and build your painting business.

4 Conventional Marketing Ideas

Print media and physical marketing tactics can never get out of scope because they always have potential audience groups and impressive growth opportunities. In this, all the traditional and some updated marketing strategies will be included to get more business and customer base.

1. Door to Door Marketing

The most classic concept in the marketing industry is door-to-door marketing. If you have just started your painting business then it is more relevant and helpful to you. Talking to people and explaining to them about your painting services will give you transparent results be it refusal or acceptance.

Door to Door Marketing - how to start a painting business

If the project is going on, then going around that neighborhood and asking people if they also require any painting job or essentials is also a simple and effective way.

This method can seem exhausting and outdated and you might have to deal with lots of negative responses. However, without any real investment, it is the only straightforward way to market your painting business and develop awareness.

2. Lawn Sign

All painting companies and individual painting contractors can use lawn signs to market themselves around the area of their ongoing project site. After the approval of the client, you can put a lawn sign outside the respective house or building with information about you, your company, and your contact details. 

It is also a nice, effective, and least expensive way to do physical marketing to get painting project leads and other opportunities.

3. Referrals

Probably in almost every industry, the main significant source of leads is a reference. In the painting industry also, quality service will bring you painting leads through your client’s reference be it his friends, family, or neighbors.


You can run a referral program as well to make good use of this tool. Some discount on references is an excellent strategy to encourage your customers to recommend your company to their acquaintances. With this, referring clients will grow your network better and your brand can create a solid identity with ease.

4. Print Ads and Flyers

This can be a little expensive marketing plan but print ads and flyers can be very effective as well if you want to get extra attention to any specific aspect of your business. The conversion rate is usually low in flyers and print advertisements. However, keeping the business presence alive it is important for most large companies. 

The whole process from designing to distribution can be very tedious and challenging that’s why you should think from every perspective before investing money.

5 Digital Marketing Ideas

The digital era has opened new gateways for businesses. There are a number of benefits you can get from marketing your painting business through digital mediums. As compared to conventional ways, digital marketing activities are more accessible, convenient, and less expensive.

So, let’s understand some latest effective digital marketing solutions that every painting company should try implementing. 

1. A Professional Website

To step into an online world, the development of a good website should be the company’s first decision. Your website is your online presence that holds your company’s details, business address, services that you offer, and all the other important information. 


A smart, high-quality, and professionally built website works as a virtual business place that can generate traffic and increase leads through a completely distinct channel. Moreover, it is also a key component for various other digital marketing streams. 

Designing a painting website can be an expensive task. That’s why if you are an independent painting contractor you should go for a webpage option. This idea also applies to professional painters who just want to promote themselves on the online platform without investing much.

2. SEO

Search engine optimization is an integral part of online marketing. When you take your business online with a website, SEO becomes your next step to run your online operations smoothly. 

Search engine optimization improves your rank on search engine pages and helps you to appear first whenever someone looks for your business-related service or information. Your website performance on search results determines your traffic, leads, and sales. 

It is a technical part that requires some technical skills hence recruiting SEO professionals would be an added expense in this activity. However, it can be totally worthy as SEO tactics will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and get the maximum number of new clients.

3. Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media is the most powerful platform connecting masses all around the globe. Which makes it another intrinsic part of online marketing. By creating a Facebook page, YouTube account, a Pinterest account, and other social media accounts, you connect your brand with your existing clients and potential customers as well. 

Social Media Marketing

You get endless access to online ads both free and paid advertising segments. It is a highly flexible sector in multiple ways for all painting professionals. In addition, to get the maximum benefit out of this deep pool of opportunities, you can meticulously develop your social media identity with the help of creative marketers and graphic designers. 

Since there is no mandatory investment in social media marketing it becomes very much competitive and sensitive along with adaptive and limitless. So, according to your budget, you can use this marketing approach to attract the target audience and get maximum painting jobs.

4. Google My Business

No one is unaware of the power that Google holds for businesses. Google my business is an excellent tool developed by Google that helps you to create your business profile to present your company on the Google platform. From this, visitors can be helped with relevant information and helpful suggestions. 

You can create and manage your business page to decide what information your audience will see. You should provide the correct contact information, website link, photos, and timings of your company on the Google page to benefit your business from Google search traffic.

Your past customers and existing clients can give reviews on this platform. Positive reviews will surely enhance your online presence on Google but a negative review can have adverse effects at the same time because reviews are also part of this open tool. So, in other words, happy customers will strengthen your business whereas, dissatisfied customers can bring your business image down.  

Lastly, policies and standards of Google search engine need to be followed with everything in order to avoid conflicts with Google and customers as well.

5. Online Directories

Online directories are another best option to promote your painting service. After meeting the requirements of some well-known online directories you can make your brand look more reliable and professional. 

When people search for a painting contractor or painting company they are more likely to check these kinds of directories to get multiple substantial options to choose from. Thus, having a listing on some directories will bring you more leads and reach.

This can support your SEO strategies as well and eventually overall website performance. So painting company business owners and independent painting professionals should definitely list themselves on such platforms to create an extensive online presence and get notable business growth.

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The above-explained marketing strategies are useful for any painting business. So, even if you are a supplier or contractor with proper and well-managed marketing activities, you can grow your business. Both traditional and digital marketing will be useful for your company but here you have to give more focus on leads from other contractors, builders, distributors, and wholesalers as well.
Painters and contractors usually prefer word of mouth and referrals to get business. These are common and effective ways for painting professionals to get leads and deals. However, nowadays there are multiple ways, especially on digital platforms to market and upscale a business, and evidently, most people are inclining towards them gradually.
Registering your business, creating a website, logo design and business card, procurement of essential tools, equipment, and material, and getting insurance are some of the common steps.
There should be no compromise on the basic process as it builds the core foundation of your business. Moreover, to establish and grow a painting business you have to work deliberately on planning, strategies, and implementation of your business ideas to market, finance and manage the entire venture.
We have discussed some of the most popular and essential digital marketing methods in this post. However, there are a number of other online marketing tools such as landing pages, google ads, PPE campaigns, paid plugins, content marketing, and many other interesting concepts to support your marketing plans.


If the painting business is new then do not rush into expensive marketing strategies. Start with basic and less risky ones which may or may not benefit your brand but will surely not have any damaging effects.

Marketing activities can be experimental in most cases, you don’t know which strategy will work and how your target market will react. This aspect also makes this process most exciting. It can bring opportunities to learn about your customers, grow into a different sector, and make new trends as well.

Your marketing plans, objectives, and results should be tracked down very stringently in order to minimize errors and maximize sales. Moreover, investment in marketing should also be made carefully because painting business revenue should help the business grow as much as possible rather than going into unnecessary and non rewarding marketing strategies.

When it comes to managing your painting business, all you can do is adopt FieldCamp, which is a leading service scheduling software. The software allows you to schedule jobs, assign jobs to painters, and manage entire operations. Get started with a and explore different features.