17 Handyman Skills Every Handyworker Should Have

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  • Go through the top 17 skills required to become a successful handyman.
  • Understand the importance of professional field service management software in a handyman business.

Over 91,120 handyman contractors are employed in the United States, and the number is rising daily.

Whether you start or scale your professional handyman business, you must regularly hone your skill set to achieve new heights.

Independent handyman contractors and small business owners restrict themselves from improving their skill sets and lag behind others.

But we’ve got you covered.

We have filtered the best handyman skills you can learn to scale your monthly earnings and deliver quality results for your clients. 

So, without further ado, let’s get the learning started.

17 Handyman Skills to Run Your Business

1. Technical skills

Understanding the different aspects of technical knowledge is critical for running a successful handyman business. Even working as an independent handyman contractor, you should be experienced in handling specific client requirements.

You must understand the technicalities around your client’s requirements to help you quote the desired price and supervise your workforce to complete the required task.

The technical skills range from hanging a picture on the wall to repairing a drain. You can also choose a unique technical skill to help you differentiate from other handyman service providers.

Create a list of different handyman services and narrow it down to limited offerings that can help you tailor your services to maintain premium service.

You can also learn different technical skills based on the area you operate. For example, in the urban locality, there’s a high demand for wall painting and hanging light fixtures, so you can add these skills to handle the high demand.

2. Communication skills

Communication skills are important for a handyman to deliver an excellent customer service experience and scale the business to new heights.

Don’t rely on the technical skills to break through in the competitive industry and leave a substantial impact on the clients. You should learn communication skills to help you communicate better to build a solid relationship with your customers.

Clear communication is great for converting leads into clients and enacting the impact of your message. You can minimize misunderstandings and increase the effectiveness of completing the requested handyman job.

You should also train your workforce to talk to the clients politely and handle their special requests to increase trust and brand impact. Communication can help you retain clients and minimize customer churn.

3. Marketing

Handle your own business marketing and implement a strong business model to scale your business to new heights. 

It might be difficult for you to market your handyman brand without proper leanings of marketing strategies. But understand the core of service business marketing that can help you channel your business in the right direction even if the work is outsourced to a professional marketing agency.

You can guide the marketing professionals to help you achieve the desired results and check the basic requirements of successful marketing techniques.

4. Organizational management

Manage your in-house operations with finesse and ensure you can deliver quality output to scale your handyman business. Be aware of the job pricing and details for handyman services like general repairs, home repairs, wall painting, switch replacement, and other handyman tasks.

Use professional pricing and resource management strategies to help cover expenses and achieve a highly productive outcome.

Create a workable and happy ecosystem for your organization by removing the human errors and inefficiencies in your business workflow.

5. Scheduling

You can find it overwhelming to handle the rise in clientele and manage your workforce effectively. Learn the art of professional scheduling your handyman service requests to streamline your business operations.

You can use different manual strategies or integrate a professional field service scheduling software like FieldCamp.

Choosing software can help you get centralized control over the handyman’s business operations that can help you bypass the human errors and ineffectiveness of the manual processing.

You must learn how to operate the software and extract the desired business outcomes. You also need to ensure that your workforce can easily adapt to the new integration and use the powerful scheduling feature of the software to achieve better business productivity.

6. Hiring

A tiring and time-consuming process of running a successful handyman business is hiring the right talent. You must ensure that you have the right talent to manage the desired business operations to help you improve overall business productivity.

Understand the requirements of the position and look for the right traits and qualities in an applicant that can best fit the job.

Making a wrong hiring decision can increase business expenses and waste time, effort, and resources.

7. Customer support

Listening to your prospects’ and clients’ queries and questions and providing them with a simple solution can help you boost efficiency and maximize business profits.

While starting a new handyman independent contractor business, you must manage the customer support requests on your own, and once you scale your business operations, you can appoint the right candidates that can manage the task.

Utilize the digital channels to address the queries and doubts of the customers and focus on integrating a professional chatbot on your website or social media platforms to minimize the pressure on the support department.

8. Collaboration

Having a collaborative skill can help you handle multiple business requirements and increase the income flow. Whether it be your partners, employees, or subcontractors, you must know how to operate as a unit and achieve the desired business results in collaboration with others.

Understand and solve the issues others raise and improve your skills to become a better business owner or an independent contractor.

9. Effective client selection

Not every client is healthy for your business’s success. You should learn to filter your clients and say no to a few. It can help you maintain quality and friendly clientele that can assist you in creating a happy and productive work environment.

Also, don’t take up more clients beyond your business capacity. It can result in service delays and failures that can hinder the overall customer experience of the clients.

Acquire the art of client filtration that can help you resist toxic and unfriendly business associations.

 10. Consistent learning and evolving

Focus on evolving and improving daily to stay aligned with the business goals. You should integrate a professional training program to help your employees improve and scale your business skill sets.

Working on your skill sets can boost the efficiency of your handyman business operations and enhance your handyman service business.

You can sprinkle creativity and modern thinking into your business operations to help you adapt to the changing business ecosystem and consumer behavior.

11. Financial Management

Budgeting and financial management are quality skill sets you need to hone. You must control your business cash flow and implement different financial strategies that maintain the balance between the outflow and the inflow.

Understand the importance of creating quality estimates, invoices, credit memos, and purchase orders. These documents can strongly impact your brand on the leads or clients.

You can manually create these documents or choose a professional financial document management software to help you create and manage these documents.

Choosing software is ideal for your business because it can help you save time and effort and help you streamline the financial document management process.

You should learn to run a financial management software like InvocieOwl that can help you remove manual inefficiencies and boost the quality of your financial management process.

12. Negotiation skills

You must learn different skills to help negotiate with the subcontractors and your material suppliers. Once you get the best pricing for the raw material or the outsourced services, you can increase your business profits and scale your business to new heights.

Negotiating skills can also work when setting up the service price with your clients. It can help you ensure that you don’t shrink your profits during the price negotiation with the clients.

13. Safety precautions

Ensure you learn all the safety precautions that can help you become a good handyman. You can share the experience with your on-ground employees to help them avoid work-related injuries.

Even if the handyman handles minor repairs or odd jobs, they should take safety precautions for quality results.

14. Emotional intelligence

You must learn the ability to understand emotions and learn to adapt to the situation. Running a handyman business involves people, and humans are bags of emotions. Hone your ability to influence and recognize the emotions of different people you deal with.

It can help you ‌achieve the desired business results and build a strong business ecosystem that can help you scale.

15. Data analytics

Data is important, and you must handle your business and employee data with finesse. Integrate a powerful software that can help you save the data and provides a decent ecosystem for you to analyze different data sets.

You can view patterns and trends using data analytics to help you make future decisions and deliver quality home repair, carpentry, plumbing, window installation, or other minor maintenance services to your clients.

16. Networking

Create a solid network in the handyman business ecosystem that can help you in the procurement process and create a solid impact in the industry.

You can complete different tasks with finesse and deliver a quality customer experience to your customers.

17. Leadership

Leadership is a significant trait to help you lead your business operations to new heights. You must set an example for your employees and lead from the front to ensure effective results.

Understanding the difference between being a true leader and a boss can help you become a great handyman and independent contractor.

Learning quality leadership through experience and from the different leaders in multiple domains can help you scale your business to new heights.

But with the rising demand in the field service management market, you must integrate professional software that can help you handle the spike in the industry demand and maintain a professional quality of your service work.

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Include your work experience and different handyman projects you have completed in your resume. You can also highlight the technical and soft skills you have acquired during the training and real-time job experience. You can go through different resume examples to help you prepare your resume in no time.
The duties may vary depending on the business and the scale of the operations. If a business is focused on handling handyman job requests like electrical work, installing light bulbs, light carpentry, and specific job descriptions, the handyman must deliver the required results while ensuring smooth communication and a healthy relationship with the clients.
You can acquire different handyman skills by enrolling in different learning programs or by joining internships that can help you get real-world handyman experience. You can also follow different handyman businesses that can help you avoid basic mistakes and set a solid foundation for your business. Also, ensure that you follow everyday learning habits that can help you improve daily.
Common handyman services differ based on the area of operations. Common handyman service request in urban areas are related to kitchen or other maintenance tasks. While in the rural areas, the service requests range from repairing floors to painting and electrical work.

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The combination of quality features and reasonable pricing helps FieldCamp stand out from other leading field service software. The software can help you deliver on-time handyman services to your new customers that can help create a positive impact and build a solid relationship with them.

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