Field Service Report – Everything You Need To Know

As a business owner, you have a primary responsibility to create and manage work orders to provide timely support to your customers.

Many field service technicians find it quite tedious to perform manual work like adding customer information, and task details, sharing the job information with service managers, and adding other product/equipment-based information.

But, by using field service reports, they can quickly summarize work done during a customer visit. Also, these reports contain essential information like tasks completed and products or parts used during the service. To know more about field service reports, continue reading this article as we come up with detailed information.

What is a Field Service Report?

A field service report is a document usually filled up by the field staff while working on the job site. It helps you to keep track of work progress and the technician’s performance assigned to do the tasks.

The field service reports typically include:

  • Summary and results of every service task
  • A vital data related to physical resources and their maintenance
  • Customer information
  • Equipment specifications
  • Inspection summary

What are the Key Elements of a Field Service Report?

After looking at the basics of a field service report, it becomes of prime importance to know about the key elements that you can use to generate a service report.

Key elements of a field service report

1. Customer and Technician Information

One of the first things that you need to include in your report is basic information about the customer and even the technician’s information assigned to perform the job.

Customer Information Technician Information
  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Contact information
  • Company information (If available)
  • Technician name
  • Address
  • Expertise level
  • Company information
  • Category specifying whether he/she is from a third-party contractor or part of the in-house field team

2. Actions To Be Performed

You need to define the list of actions that field technicians need to take to solve the customer’s queries. The technicians should specify the details of the defective product/equipment and define the exact procedures to overcome the challenge.

Following are the metrics that help your field technicians to include in the service report:

  • The reported issue
  • The inspection report includes visuals
  • The repairs/replacements required
  • Follow-up audits if necessary
  • Periodic checkup
  • Installation
  • Replacement

The above fields are considered the heart of field service reports and give teams the most critical insights into the overall job and performance.

3. Sign Off From Customer

This element is an acknowledgment process received from the customers on the completion of the task. Here, it becomes essential for the customers to verify every point mentioned in the report and check everything before making a sign to the report.

Once the customer signs the report, it suggests that the service requests have been made successfully. On the other hand, the technician and the service manager also have to sign off on the document to ensure that the task met the customer’s and the business’s expectations.

4. Average Timeframe

One of the biggest challenging tasks for you is to track time for field technicians. So, to overcome that particular situation, it is better to include a section where you can mention the total time taken to complete each service.

Moreover, you can also include a section to define the average time taken to perform a specific task, enhancing your scheduling workflows and boosting time management.

What Are The Benefits Of A Field Service Report In FSM?

Field service reporting plays a vital role in your company’s field service management (FSM) system.


FSM helps you efficiently manage your technicians’ safety and equipment used while serving customers in the field. Moreover, it allows you to improve technician productivity on a large scale.

Let’s highlight the advantages of field service reporting and implementing them on an FSM system:

  • Enhances business efficiency and employee productivity – FSM software analyzes customer demands and tracks job status while working on the customer’s location to ensure that clients receive assistance promptly. Moreover, it plays an essential role in reducing operational downtime by constantly monitoring the performance of service professionals and checking their logs regularly.
  • Increases profitability – The best way to get more customers in your business is by including efficient and productive technicians. Such technicians have the capabilities to address the customer’s issues immediately in the sample report and help reduce costs.
  • Stores data and ensures compliance – It allows you to maintain the essential audit records and documentation for regulatory compliance. So, you can save all work orders, timesheets, service policies, invoices, and other significant business data in one centralized place.
  • Strengthens teamwork – It allows you to share reports across the organization and identify areas for improvement; use data to help develop action plans through collaboration.

How To Create Field Service Report With FieldCamp?

Before the advent of computer and internet connection, field service report was done on paper, which was inconvenient and hard to manage. However, now the performance and service task-related information can be captured using service scheduling software. Here are a few ways FieldCamp can help your service team create a field service report.

1. Track And Increase Productivity

You can track how your admin and field staff are delivering their service within a specified time. Ascertaining who are your top performers and who are eligible for a hike becomes easy. 

Moreover, detecting mediocre performers signifies which employees need training. Such tracking of activities will help you optimize your operations and thus, boost productivity.

2. Set Up Custom Time Duration

This feature helps you dive deep into analytics and unearth the overall revenue generated by your staff at a specified time range. Such observation on profit and loss helps you in:

  • Knowing your numbers and monitoring your cash flow
  • Planning budget, forecasting sales, examining the company’s status
  • Determining which staff drives the maximum sales

3. Know Your Staff Status

Now you can keep a tab on and know the schedule of a particular staff member. This will help you allocate jobs and tasks to your client accurately. You can analyze which member took how many jobs, rate their performance, take measures to improve their morale, and update their salary.

4. Interpret Through An Easy Graphical Representation

Through easy-to-understand representation, you will be able to gain complete information on your high and low-performing staff. Also, you can get information on how many invoices are due from your ‘scheduled jobs.’ Now, you can make vital decisions on optimizing operations, sales, and profits.

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Field Service Report Template

Field service report example

Field service report template is the sample report which will help you to understand the format of field service more.

Field Service Report FAQs
To create a field service report, you need to take care of the following metrics:
  • Mention the type of service to perform: property maintenance, repair, installation, or other work
  • Include the description of issues and, if possible, take photos of defects
  • Prepare well-maintained and detailed documentation once the job is completed
  • Create a summary of the damaged or defective devices
  • Participants, which are the client, technician, and field service engineer, should provide digital signatures to validate the report
Many companies make use of a field service report app that makes it easy for them to enter and view the details about the task performed. This field service mobile app is solely responsible for making your work easier, especially in creating field reports.


Field service reports play an essential role in the life of field service professionals. They can easily include complete information about the services performed while visiting the customer’s locations.

You even have multiple options to download free report templates where you just need to fill a simple form regarding the job to be performed. The reports will make your work easier as you can easily see how much time your field workers have taken to complete the task.

FieldCamp, the best service scheduling software for field technicians helps you to create detailed and comprehensive reports including activity reports and revenue reports for your business.

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