A Complete Window Cleaning Pricing Guide to Price Window Cleaning Jobs

Pricing is a very crucial element when you are selling a service or a product. In the window cleaning profession, you will see how fast the competitors change or tweak their prices to take your clients away.

Therefore, it is always advised to consider re-examining the price periodically. 

To beat the competition, you do not always have to lower your prices than what they offer. If you offer quality service and can offer value to the price you quote, stick to it, and you will make a good profit.

Customers tend to go with businesses that can provide a service value to their window cleaning pricing. And the scenario is the same even with the window cleaning businesses.

Thus, pricing accurately with all considerations is of utmost necessity for a window cleaning business. And this post here will educate you on how you can do that.

Different Factors That Determine Window Cleaning Cost

The window cleaning pricing depends on the company’s decisions and the location of the service. Companies cannot control the market rates for window cleaning services as per the location. But they can control the pricing of individual factors to decide on an overall budgeted window cleaning cost.

Therefore, whether you are new to the professional window cleaning service or are running an established company, you must know the pricing factors before you can determine the perfect window cleaning cost:

1. Number of windows

The first thing you should consider before quoting a price to the customer is the number of windows. The bigger the property, the more windows they will have, and the window cleaning price of services will also be high.

But in some cases, having a lot of windows in a house doesn’t imply having a big property. Some house owners with small houses prefer to have many windows to support air circulation. 

So, ultimately, you should consider the number of windows in a property, whether it is a big building or a small house, to decide on pricing. 

2. Types of windows

There are different types of windows as well, making it difficult or easy for window cleaners to approach the service request. 

There are windows with simple designs such as single-hung windows, double-hung windows, and picture windows. But on the other side, people also opt for complex architectural window designs. 

Depending on how challenging it would be for window cleaners to execute the service, commercial and house cleaning prices might change.

3. Use of supplies

The next thing you must consider is the use of supplies. You must get the supplies and essentials needed to commence with the window cleaning services

Do not buy supplies by focusing on any one project or client. You must invest in window cleaning equipment and essentials with a long-term profitability vision. Therefore, ensure you get high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions to avoid frequent replacement or repair needs. 

Consider the service frequency that you will offer in your window cleaning business, and get sufficient equipment for the same. 

As equipment costs are high, they will eventually impact the residential and commercial window cleaning prices. It will be an overhead charge that will be added to the price quote.

4. Frequency of cleaning needs

If the clients live in a location where dust and debris accumulation is faster than normal, then the frequency of cleaning needs will be higher too. 

If such clients sign your window washing company for a long-term contract, you must re-schedule the service every month to maintain clean windows. 

The residential and commercial window cleaning prices will also depend on the frequency of their cleaning needs. If they sign a long-term contract with periodic window cleaning services, they will be quoted a different price than the one-time window cleaning appointments. 

5. Accessibility or height

The height of the window and accessibility is also an important factor in determining commercial or residential window cleaning price.

Higher windows demand a longer work time and more effort. Moreover, there is a substantial risk of falls for cleaners working with floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Therefore, window cleaning companies can charge the customer for the extra effort, time, and risk involved in cleaning their higher windows.

6. Detailing the windows

Not all windows come with just the panes; some have tracks, screens, sills, blinds, and other fixtures too. When window cleaning companies are hired, they take up the job of cleaning not just the panes but all fixtures. 

The fixtures accumulate more dust and dirt than the panes, which also demands more cleaning time. Every fixture on a window contributes to the overall cost of window cleaning. 

If your window cleaning company is offering services such as blinds, curtains, and screen cleaning services in particular, then you can specify an additional fee in your price quotation. 

Customers can either include these services or deny them, depending on their needs. But the fixtures attached to the window panes must be cleaned, which will be mandatorily added to the window cleaning prices.

Cost to Clean Per Window

Professional window washing companies charge an average of $10 to $15 per window. It is the average pricing for a double-paned window. 

If the windows are on higher floors of a building, there will be a minimal cost surcharge as additional manpower and effort will be needed to access those windows. 

Cleaning the windows on the third or fourth floor of a building will add up to around $3 to $5 extra to the overall price quotation. The additional pricing is not just for the effort and time but also for the risk that the window washers would take to clean windows at heights.

On average, cleaning all the residential windows in a home will cost around $200 to $450, depending on the various costing factors stated above. Similarly, the average window cleaning costs for all commercial property storm windows will be between $300 and $600.

Depending on the size of the commercial property, you can also charge your clients from around $500 to $5000 for long-term projects. If you market your window cleaning rates proficiently, you can get your hands on such big contracts more often.

As per the hourly rates, a professional window cleaner charges around $40 to $70 per hour for residential buildings. The minimum chargeable amount for commercial buildings is $80 per hour.

Cost to Clean Windows by Type

 As stated in the costing factors, the type of windows decides most of the overall commercial or residential window cleaning prices. Windows are categorized depending on their styles and designs. 

Double-hung, single-hung, casement, slider, transom, and awning-style windows are installed in residential and commercial properties. Different window types come with varying fixtures and additional elements that add to their appealing look.

But such features, style, and design make it complex for window cleaners to do their job. Therefore, window cleaning prices vary concerning the design, style, features, fixtures, and everything that can contribute to the complexity of cleaning it.

Irrespective of whether a window has fixtures, the price might also vary depending on the number of panes a window has. A window that has a single-pane will have a lower cleaning cost than a multi-pane bay window. 

Here is the list of a few different window styles and their cleaning costs:

  • Double-hung windows: The cleaning cost of double-hung windows is around $8 per window. 
  • Sliding windows: The cleaning cost of sliding windows is around $4 per pane. 
  • Sliding glass doors: The cleaning cost of sliding glass doors is $7 per door. 
  • Tri-fold bay windows: The cleaning cost of tri-fold bay windows is around $28 per window. 
  • Large picture window (single pane): The cleaning cost of a large picture window with a single pane is $12 per window. 
  • Decorative windows: The cleaning cost for all decorative windows costs around $5 per pane. 

Hence, this will be helpful for you to price every window cleaning service accurately!


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The cost to clean windows without professional help will be much higher than what you charge the customers. It is because many tools and essentials are required to approach a professional-level window cleaning. A complete DIY window cleaning kit might cost the residents around $80 to $150.

Some of those additional cost factors that can contribute to increasing your bill are:

  • The minimum starting price for cleaning both sides of a window is $5 per window.
  • For cleaning the sills and tracks of the windows, the professional window cleaning team can expect to pay around $1 per window to compensate for the additional effort.
  • The window screens service cost $5 per screen and with specialization tools, it will cost up to $10 per screen.
  • The pain stain removal services will add around $8 per window and the overall cleaning costs.

For a per window calculation, you can consider:

  • Double-hung windows, transom windows, casement windows, french windows, door windows, and arch windows as “one window” each. 
  • A sliding double pane window, door sidelight window, and sliding glass door windows are considered “two windows” each.
  • Bay windows, bow windows, and picture windows are considered “‘three windows” each.

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