24 Top Plumbing Trends and Statistics To Know in 2024

No residential or commercial property owner can say that they haven’t been through any plumbing emergencies throughout their lives so far. 

There are many scenarios where a professional plumber is called upon to fix the water line issues around your house or office space, such as pipe leakage, toilet clogging, drain clogging, and water heater problems. 

The plumbing industry has been thriving for the past few decades, parallelly with the real estate or construction market. As per the data of the National Association of Realtors, more than 822,000 newly constructed homes were sold in the United States as of 2020.

And with the increase in house and building construction, the need for plumbing installations, repairs, and maintenance contracts are also picking up the demand scale. 

Apart from that, the plumbing contractors also take up direct orders from consumers to bring more sales and profits to their businesses. Hence, all of the key players are collectively contributing to boosting the industry’s revenue. 

There are a few plumbing industry trends and statistics that showcase its growth potential. Every aspiring plumbing contractor who intends to start a business must know the latest plumbing industry statistics and trends.

24 Plumbing Trends & Statistics That Are Must Know in 2024

Whether you are a plumber, a business, or planning to be a plumbing contractor, you already know that you need to get through many challenges to gain profitable success in this profession. 

In the pursuit of running a business or executing a plumbing service, you must equip yourself with modern tools, the latest equipment, and active marketing. Be insightful on how your plumbing competitors are functioning. It will help you stay ahead in the race and keep up with the profit cycle. 

But along with the knowledge of executing your business operations, you must also get insight into the 24 plumbing industry trends and statistics before kick-starting your business venture. It will help you stay updated with the whereabouts of the plumbing market in your country.

8 Crucial Plumbing Statistics

Let’s start with the industry statistics for you to give a numerical understanding of the growth of this sector:

1. US Plumbing fixtures market worth by 2025

The US plumbing fixtures industry’s market worth will generate over $121.9 billion by the end of 2025. 

2. Small leakages result in major water loss around the country

The industry statistics state that small leakages in the US result in the loss of over 10,000 gallons of water every year. And this develops a demand for the US plumbing industry to step in and control these water losses. 

3. Number of licensed plumbers in the US

There are over 480,600 licensed plumbers in the just US. Most of them are from Texas and California, and the least number of licensed plumbers are from Vermont. 

4. Average salary of a plumber is higher than the average US salary.

As of June 2022, the average salary of a plumber was recorded to be $59,651/year, which is higher than the overall average US salary of $51,480. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics gave a report summary in 2021 that the median plumber pay per hour is around $28.79. 

5. Average gross profit margins of plumbing business owners

The average gross margin for all the plumbing companies in the US is 35%. The work required for carrying out plumbing services cannot be completely determined until the team starts with it. Therefore, a 35% average gross margin is a reasonable markup. 

6. Plumbing industry encompasses substantial growth expected in the forecast period 2019 to 2029

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the plumbing industry is expected to grow at a rate of 4% from 2019 to 2029. 

7. The job outlook of plumbers within the period 2020 to 2030

US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the plumber job outlook for 2020 to 2030 will be 5%. It is somehow lower than the previously recorded average. 

8. Specialty plumbing fixtures revenue will increase stupendously by 2024

The experts within the industry expect that the specialty plumbing fixtures revenue will increase to around $2.7 billion by the end of 2024. 

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16 Trends That Will Change The Way Plumbing Industry Functions

After the industry statistics, it is time for you to expand your knowledge on all the plumbing industry trends that are about to add more scope of business to it. 

1. The era of smart toilets

The technology and plumbing industry are now collaborating. And with this blend, there is an expectation for smart bathroom gadgets or devices. The smart bathroom market had a valuation of $3 billion in 2019. If smart toilets pick up the demand, then the business opportunities for installation and maintenance will also increase. 

2. Online methods will streamline payment collection

Online methods will streamline payment collection - plumbing trend

Online methods will help you save a lot of time in collecting payments from your customers. You can get job scheduling software with the payment processing feature. It will help you collect the payments faster without miscommunications associated with account credentials or billed amounts. 

3. Customers are keen to learn about water utilization

In the US, Americans use around 88 gallons of water every day in their homes. Many consumers are willing to implement efforts toward conserving water utilization. Therefore, as plumbing professionals, take this opportunity to educate your customers about the plumbing products and practices they can use to limit their water usage. 

4. Using technology for managing the plumbing business

When your plumbing business expands, eventually, you will be hiring a big team, more subcontractors, and taking up many projects. Over time, it will be difficult for you to manage business operations manually. 

And that is when technology will help you grow your business with plumbing software. People are keen on adapting business management software to track operations in real-time, schedule service requests, send invoices and do almost everything online. 

5. The plumbing industry is now hopping onto new earning opportunities

The plumbing industry is now hopping onto new earning opportunities

Earlier, home and commercial space owners only relied on plumbing services to repair their leaking pipes, clogged toilets, or clogged drains. 

But today, with several training and certification options, plumbers are skilled in installing HVAC units, water conservation systems, water treatment facilities, fire sprinklers, waste management facilities, landscape sprinklers, and electric and solar water heater installation.  

They are exponentially using technology to grow their efficiency and expertise in the industry. 

6. Enlightening customers about greywater recycling systems

The consumers of today are very much conscious of the environment. They want to reduce water usage and control utility bills. Many consumers are ready to pay additional money to take a step toward water conservation. 

As a result, the plumbers who are trained in the greywater systems will be able to educate the customers about it as well. Such recycling systems will help reduce wastage and save money. 

7. Rising demand for smart and specialty plumbing fixtures

Rising demand for smart and specialty plumbing fixtures

The demand for specialty fixtures will increase over time with a high rise in demand by young consumers. The trending bathroom technologies include Bluetooth shower accessibility, smart water heating systems, digital faucets, sensor installations to detect plumbing faults, and more. 

Tankless water heaters are also trending fixtures that many consumers are unaware of. You must explain the feasibility of such heaters in terms of comfort and savings. You should always offer your customers the option to install smart fixtures to experience a technological evolution in the plumbing market. 

8. Brain pipes technology will ease the jobs of plumbers

Brain pipes technology is currently being leveraged by the construction sector but soon will be adopted in the plumbing industry. Today, smart devices rule various sectors, and the plumbing sector is not left behind. 

Brain pipes technology will help detect minor leaks in your entire plumbing system. Not just that, but it will also pinpoint the exact leakage area and will send a text to the owner. 

In addition, this technology will also shut down the supply through that pipe to save gallons of water. The homeowners will be sent a report on their water consumption to help them realize the areas where they are wasting the most water. 

The plumbers advancing technology in their service executions will eventually earn more in the long run. If your business works parallelly with the construction sector, then get an idea about this new technology.

9. Building a spa-like atmosphere at home

As the COVID pandemic forced everyone to stay at home in 2020, people are now willing to prepare themselves for any such situation that might arise. For that, they are willing to install some self-care amenities in their bathroom space to generate comfort at home. 

Today, consumers are calling in local businesses and plumbers to install steam showers, deep soaking bathtubs, voice-activated smart bathroom fixtures, and other relaxation amenities at home. The plumbing businesses need to prepare themselves to take up such demanding projects in the future and earn a whopping profit out of it. 

10. Enabling remote communication

Earlier, people used to visit the plumbing offices to schedule their service requests and wait a long time to solve that problem. Back then, there were limited plumbing companies, and the technologies were limited to promote seamless communication. 

Today, many professional plumbing businesses and technological resources build a better communication rapport between customers and business consultants. 

People can now use their smartphones, tablets, and computers to remotely connect with plumbing businesses through their sales channels or business applications. They can raise a request, and you can assign the job to your employees.

11. Modern filtration systems

Filtration systems are considered one of the crucial aspects of the entire plumbing system. They are installed to block specific elements such as magnesium or chlorine. As a result, you get potable water for consumption. UV light and activated carbon filtration techniques are the future of filtration systems.

12. Dependency on online reviews

Dependency on online reviews - plumbing trends

The customers will solely depend on positive online reviews for your services. You should encourage your clients to leave feedback about your service over the review channels such as Google Listing and Yelp. 

Your new customers can trust your brand by referring to the positive reviews. Moreover, it is also a mode of interaction with your customers. Reply to the reviews where your customers have complained about the service and give them a solution to ensure repeat business. 

13. Embrace digital marketing

The plumbing industry will boom in the coming times, and its demand is not expected to fade anytime soon. Therefore, you should leverage the digital marketing trend to boost its growth further. 

Digital marketing involves:

  • Creating a website.
  • Adding quality content.
  • Running keyword analysis.
  • Improving loading speed.
  • Imposing search engine optimization.
  • Adding backlinks.

Today, your target audience is mostly looking for your services online. So, build an online presence to let people find your company over your competitors. 

14. Mobile-optimized business website

In 2021, all internet users will spend more than half of their time online on mobile devices. So, it signifies that your target audience is also actively searching for plumbing solutions online. It is time you optimized your website to run seamlessly over mobile browsers so potential customers can connect with your brand.

15. Bathroom remodeling trends

Bathroom remodeling trends

With the idea of a modern bathroom, people expect to have the latest amenities in their bathing spaces. The trending demands include:

  • Walk-in and low-curb showers.
  • Multiple sprays & showerheads.
  • Free-standing bathtubs.
  • Heated floor installations. 

16. Personalized service for customers is a trend

Customized customer experiences can help you get repeat businesses with high numbers. And that is the prime expectation of every business owner. You must train the employees to arrange a small consultation and take all the details from the customer that are necessary for service completion. 

Ask questions about plumbing issues, pricing, options, and service expectations to provide personalized service. Afterward, you can schedule the service date and go with the planned and personalized work approach. 

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With the increase in demand and awareness of plumbing necessities, businesses are contributing their quality services to enhance the revenue earning potential of the overall industry.

The competition is also heating up among the players in the industry. Therefore, social media presence, digital marketing, online reviews, and other such metrics are being improved to leverage the profitability of this industry in the future.

Some of the advanced technologies that the plumbing businesses are using today are:

  • Smartphones
  • Digital cameras
  • Sonar developments
  • Brain pipes
  • Scheduling software

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