14 Plumbing Business Ideas to Grow Your Business

After acquiring all the necessary academic degrees, training, apprenticeship, and practical experience, you are now ready to plan your own plumbing business

Most entrepreneurs want to start with something at a low cost and make considerable profits to expand their plumbing business in the long run. 

So to implement such plans, you will need to have multiple plumbing business ideas to act upon. And that is possible when you explore your opportunities with the modern plumbing trend sets

Traditional business ideas can always work proficiently for your plumbing company. But over time, you need to evolve and grow your plumbing business competitively. 

So, if you were unaware of what plumbing business ideas could help you grow, this article is here to enlighten you.

14 Plumbing Business Ideas

The industry claims that the plumbing fixtures market will generate a revenue of around $121.9 billion by the end of 2025. The industry is booming, and so are the plumbing businesses. 

But it is important for a plumbing business to leverage the right ideas to experience substantial growth. 

So, if you are starting a new plumbing business or are willing to boost the growth aspects of your established company, here are the 14 plumbing business ideas for you to work on:

1. Decide the services you intend to offer

The first consideration when running a plumbing company is to decide on a specialization. You might be keen on offering a lot of services to your potential customers for getting different types of job requests.

But for a start, you must decide on one specialization and work with it. Over time, you can hire experts in your team and expand the service specialties of your company. 

There are four types of specializations in plumbing businesses, which include:

  • Residential plumbing
  • Service and repair plumbing
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Sanitary plumbing

The primary expertise of plumbers varies depending on their specializations. Some plumbing jobs are common for all specializations. 

Therefore, you are not completely restricted to taking jobs of just one specialization but can pick the requests depending on the skillset you have in your team. 

2. Get the pricing right

The next important plumbing business idea is to price the services right. When you are reaching out to potential customers with a price quote, your pricing should be well-researched as per market and competition norms.

Some of the crucial factors that you should consider while pricing your plumbing services are:

  • Think about the annual earning goals that you have in your mind for your plumbing company. Plan on how much you earned last year and what milestone you want to achieve next. 
  • Decide if you can increase the price of your services and offer quality and value in works to match the worth. 
  • Consider your revenue per customer. It will directly contribute to the profit aspects of your plumbing business owners
  • Calculate the labor costs. Decide whether you want to pay a fixed price to your staff or keep them under hourly charges. 
  • Calculate the overhead charges, which include your website, marketing budget, tools, material, travel costs, vehicle costs, and others. 
  • Calculate other fixed overhead costs such as office rent and equipment depreciation. 
  • Decide an optimal profit margin with every service that you offer. 

3. Create a website

In 2022, the best way to promote a business is to go online. And all the small business owners are leveraging the potential of the internet and online marketing to get wider exposure. 

Among all the plumbing marketing ideas, this stands as the most crucial. It is because a website will help you earn the most business opportunities in today’s era. 

Get a professional website designer for the job and ready your sales platform without further delay. Keep the website navigation easy and the pages responsive, so your potential customers don’t have to wait long after clicking on your website link on their search results page. 

Add sufficient information over the website, but don’t clutter it to complicate the information on what your plumbing business has to offer. 

4. List your plumbing business to local business directories

Plumbing is more recognized among the local service businesses. All of your potential customers will be able to find you more often if you are in the local business listings. So, this is one strategy that no plumbing business should neglect. 

Google My Business is the popular online directory for listing local businesses. Apart from that, you can also list your plumbing business over Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp. 

5. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help boost the growth of your plumbing companies

Search engine optimization is a popular digital marketing strategy that has helped businesses acquire many new and existing customers. 

SEO can be imposed on the content uploaded over your website by adding related or relevant keywords upon intensive research. The process is called on-page optimization. 

Under this SEO technique, the meta tags, page titles, alt tags of images, and the body contents of your website will be optimized to be ranked over search engine results. 

With proper SEO optimization, whenever someone searches for a service related to the plumbing industry, Google will do a web crawl to search for those keywords on your website. If found, Google will rank your website on the top results. 

You can use Google Keywords Planner or SEMRush for your keyword searches. 

6. Social media marketing will boost the brand exposure

It is mandatory for all small businesses to have accounts on various social media platforms. As of 2019, more than 65% of online marketers have increased their budget for social media marketing

Social media marketing helps you earn the trust of your target audience and build a strong relationship with them. You can connect one-on-one with your social media followers to acquire more new customers by personalizing your services for them. 

Some of the things that you can do to impose a social media marketing strategy and increase engagement are:

  • Share DIY plumbing videos to help customers with minor plumbing faults in their homes and offices. 
  • Keep posting special coupons and offers for your followers over social media accounts. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter services and offer them a special discount for it. 
  • Share polls over Instagram to get the opinions of your followers on some business decision or just to promote engagement. 

7. Implement email marketing

Email marketing is again one of the best techniques for reaching out to your customers and keeping them updated about every new service or offer you introduce. 

You can connect well with the existing customers, and the conversion rate also increases. Some of the things you need to keep in mind with email marketing are:

  • The content you send through email should be relevant to the audience. 
  • Don’t just send an email to keep up with the newsletter schedule. 
  • Develop a larger customer base. 
  • Send an introduction email to the customers who newly joined your newsletter subscription. 
  • Add call-to-action in your email. 
  • When sending emails to a large database, ensure you send them in phases or small batches. Sending emails all at once might trigger spam filters. 

8. Impose Google Local Services Ads

Link your plumbing business with the Google Local Services Ads. It will help you show up more on Google search results. Your Local Services Ads will give a direct source of contact to the potential leads who are searching for plumbing services over Google. 

You are liable to pay only when a customer clicks on the ad and enters your business website. Hence, you can focus on investing in real results only. Sign up as a plumbing service provider, set the budget, and start your Local Services Ads with Google. 

9. Deliver the price quotations faster

Do not delay in delivering the price estimates to your customers. When there is a service request, you should immediately calculate the charges and decide the quoting price for your service offerings. 

A large number of people will prefer to contact the first person who responds to their service inquiry. You can send the quotes through email or job scheduling software. 

10. Offer better customer support

Customer support or service is the best way of retaining clients for your plumbing business. All the marketing efforts you impose on your small business will attract new customers. But efficient customer service will help you hold onto them. 

The consultant team that attends to customer requests for services should also be polite and informative to ensure conversion. You can organize training sessions for your customer service team to meet your company’s standards for dealing with your clients.

11. Make business relations

The plumbing marketing ideas also involve connecting healthily with other types of businesses for added inquiries and business opportunities. 

For instance, you can get in touch with the construction contractors of real-estate properties. They can help you get a big contract for doing the plumbing installations at various residential or commercial properties. 

12. Promote word of mouth

You must encourage existing customers to refer your business to friends and family. You can add a referral program where you can offer some discounts or free services to customers who give a successful referral for the business. 

There is a high chance that your customers won’t give you referrals if you don’t ask for them. So, you need to add clauses to the referral program to make your customers promote your services over social media or just by word of mouth. 

13. Ask for reviews

You should ask your customers to leave feedback after the completion of services. The potential leads will go through the reviews of your business online before making a decision on whether to avail of your services or not. 

So, you should make your business available for reviews on various sites such as Facebook, Yelp, or Google to help people leave reviews over the site where they are more frequent. 

14. Use a job scheduling software

You must use job scheduling software to streamline most of your business operations. As a plumbing business owner, you must respond to job requests, give estimates, assign employees to jobs, and send invoices. 

All of that can be easily done with proper job scheduling software. It is time you digitize your business and conduct the operations effortlessly. 

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Plumbing is a billion-dollar industry and has unstoppable growth potential. You need to have the right skills and training to provide plumbing services. Along with that, you must also have good managerial potential to be able to grow your plumbing business.
You must impose digital marketing strategies to rank your website over Google search results. It will increase web traffic to your business website, and more people will know about your brand.
The content within your website should motivate the visitors to check out your services and avail them. By imposing such marketing measures, you will eventually operate your business with more clients.
In the pandemic year 2020, the average salary of plumbers was around $56,000/year. And the top 10% of the plumbers were earning around $100,000/year. This concludes the profitability of plumbing.

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