Guide to Set Field Service Technician Goals in 2022

The field service industry is expected to increase at a rate of 19.7% CAGR from 2021 to 2030.

With the rise in competition and demand, you need to effectively utilize your resources and ensure that errors and business operational costs can be reduced.

One of the best methods to achieve maximum efficiency is through future planning.

But planning what?

Set up fundamental field service goals for your technicians to ensure that they deliver results. Results aligned with the company’s mission and vision can help you stand out from the rest and increase your business efficiency.

Let’s go through the primary field service technician goals to help you in your service business success.

Why is Goal Setting Important for Your Field Service Technicians?

There are multiple reasons why you need to set goals for your field service technicians, but we have filtered the best reasons you can use:

  • Achieve business goals faster

    Once you set the goals for your field service team that aligns with your business goals, it will become easier for your business to fulfill your desired goals within a set time.

    Your team will work towards achieving the set business goals, and it will help you increase business efficiency and create a positive work environment in your organization.

    You can minimize the inefficiencies in your business and improve the business workforce to extract the desired results once your employees achieve their goals.

  • Solid business ecosystem

    Setting up goals for your field technicians can create a quality work environment where your team will be focused on working hard and delivering the best results to your clients.

    You can provide incentives for the hard work they put in or once they achieve their goals to keep up the motivation to deliver the best results day in and day out.

    A motivated workforce can help you stand out from the rest of the competitors and strengthen your business presence in the industry. You can attract the best talent in the technician field to increase your service business effectiveness and quality.

  • Create a healthy competition

    You can also create healthy competition within your team to ensure that your team delivers the quality of results delivered to your clients.

    Setting up goals for your technician and giving limited rewards to one’s who can achieve those goals can help you extract the best out of team members.

    It can also ensure that the team members put in the extra effort to achieve the set goals for unlocking the rewards. 

    For example, you can roll a competition like ‘Employee of the month’ and set a specific target point to claim the special status. 

You can analyze and monitor the performance of your employees using different key performance indicators using powerful field service management software.

We’ll understand the importance of field service management software for analyzing the results for your employee performance in the latter part of the article, but let’s focus on the basic field service technician goals.

Basic Field Service Technician Goals

The field service technicians’ goals can vary based on the niche of your service business, but we have filtered the fundamental and must-have goals for your business.

  • More involvement

    Improving the involvement of your field service team in your business process is one of the key goals of your technician team. You need to be open with your business approach and keep your employees in the center of finalizing their individual goals.

    More Involvement

    You can provide different blueprints to your employees on how to fulfill their goals and improve their performance and results. The more the involvement, the better the results.

    Higher involvement of the technicians can make them feel special and increase their confidence and trust in working with your service brand.

  • Work management

    Another key goal for your technician team is to manage the task better. You need to assign different goals for different individuals and analyze their performance based on different key performance indicators.

    Work Management

    The management team will have different goals and performance triggers, and the on-ground team will have a different role.

    You need to ensure that assigning the goals doesn’t hinder the quality of work and that the different teams can coordinate effectively to deliver the desired business results.

  • Quality customer experience

    Customer satisfaction should be a paramount goal for your field service engineers and management team. You need to ensure that the team works to deliver the premium customer experience and resolve the dynamic issues of the clients.

    Quality Customer Experience

    If your team handles the customer satisfaction operations effectively, it can help you attract new clients and scale your business revenue and profits. You can strengthen your presence in the industry and grow your business to a new level.

  • Regular training

    Regular training goals should be integrated into your business ecosystem to enhance the learnings and skills of your technicians in the changing business environment.

    Regular Training

    The rising service business and customer demand require new hard and soft skills to handle the situation professionally. You should set consistent training programs to brush up on the skills and ensure that the team works with maximum efficiency.

  • Performance tracking

    Use the right tools for performance tracking to help you paint a transparent picture regarding your team’s performance. Your team members can access the performance and analyze the deviation from the initial goal setting.

    Performance Tracking

    Regular tracking and consistent improvement should be a prominent goal in your workforce ecosystem.

    It can help the technicians focus on the goals and work hard to fulfill the daily business goals to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Access to the right tools

    Talking about performance tracking, you need to ensure that your technicians access the right tools and technologies available in the service business.

    Access to the Right Tools

    They should have an in-depth understanding of the different tools to deliver high-quality results for the clients. It can help you deliver the best customer experience for your customers to increase customer retention.

Using prominent tools that are a must-have for your service business can help you track the performance of your field service technicians.

How Field Service Management System Helps You Fulfill Your Business Goals?

A field service management system is vital for your business to allocate, streamline and utilize your resources productively. Let’s look at other important aspects of field service software that can organize your operations for optimum growth.

How Field Service Management System Helps You Fulfill Your Business Goals

1. Automation

It’s one of the powerful features for improving the service business efficiency and scaling your business to new heights. A professional field service management software can help you minimize the inefficiencies and errors caused by manual processing.

But for a fact, over 52% of field service organizations still use manual management processing for their field services. They miss out on the automation feature, but you can leverage automation and improve your business operations and workflow.

A field service management software can automatically schedule the upcoming tasks based on the availability of the workforce and notify the clients and on-ground about the scheduled task.

It can extract in-depth performance field service reports within a few clicks to analyze the results and match them with the set goals. You can optimize the performance of your team and business using the reports and ensure your business results improve slowly and steadily.

2. Centralization

You can get a bird’s eye view of the operations and manage your team within a few clicks. You can assist the on-ground workforce if they get stuck in dynamic situations that need your assistance. You can create a seamless communication network between the management team and the on-ground team to scale the business.

Centralization can also help you check and control the different access points in your business ecosystem and leverage the use of data for planning future goals.

3. Real-time tracking

The real-time tracking feature of the location of your workforce and the project completion details can be accessed in a few clicks. 

You can provide tracking details to the clients who can check the project’s progress or workforce location to help you build a strong relationship and trust.

It can help you remove the lag between transferring information and updates with your business ecosystem and streamline your business operations.

4. 24*7 access

A field service management software can allow you to access different aspects of the 24*7 from anywhere and anytime. It can also allow your customers and employees to use different mobile or desktop devices to access their accounts.

The 24*7 accessibility improves your clients’ quality of business service and helps you increase business revenue.

5. Increase profitability

With the help of professional field service management software, you can increase business efficiency and chances of profitability, right from increased customer retention to business revenue and better workforce efficiency.

But there is limited field service software that can help you provide all these benefits and match your business requirements.

Luckily, we have finalized one that might suit your unique business goals, budget, and requirements.

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The goals of a field service technician vary from business to business, but the basic goals are quality customer support for better customer satisfaction, professional work management, collaborative behavior, and alignment with the mission and vision of the company.
These goals should be assigned to every technician working in your service business to ensure that you can scale your business performance with a powerful workforce. It can help you create a positive work environment and assist you in standing out from the rest of the industry.

The role of the field service technician can differ from business to business. But the fundamental role of the field service technician is to handle the client requirement with professionalism and deliver the desired results within the specified time frame.
They also need to address different client queries and ensure that they can satisfy the client with the service. They should improve their work efficiency to increase the task competition numbers daily.

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