How to Start a Fencing Business? Detailed Guide

The fencing industry is estimated to be around $28 billion and can grow 5% by 2027. The demand is rising globally, and new fencing businesses have a great opportunity to establish a stronghold in the industry.

So, are you thinking about starting your fencing business?

Well, it’s the right time as the industry is thriving.

But you need to understand a few nitty-gritty aspects of starting a successful fence business. A strong foundation can help you scale your business and achieve your desired future goals.

We have listed the key steps on how to start a fencing business to help you avoid any mistakes or future troubles.

8 Steps to Start Your Fencing Business

1. Choosing your business’s name

The most obvious yet exciting part of starting a new fence business is brainstorming different name ideas. A business name is the face of your business and sets the company tone and branding.

You as a business owner need to choose a good business name that highlights your work and has a domain name.

Ensure that there’s no mismatch between your fencing business name and the website because it will create a disconnect among the audience, resulting in business loss.

2. Planning

Once the name is decided, you need to kickstart the most significant part of your business, which is planning.


A business plan sets the foundation of your fencing business. It can decide whether or not you’ll climb the success ladder in the industry. Your business plan paves the way for standing out from your competitors.

You need to plan everything from finances to marketing, from employee management to service business operations.

You need to pen down the list of different expenses for which you require funds to start your fencing business operations. Include different expenses like contractor’s license, liability insurance, tax license, equipment cost, employee salaries, office setup, and initial marketing budget.

Then you need to decide your target audience and list everything you know about them to get a crystal clear idea about targeting your marketing efforts.

You don’t need to shoot an arrow in the dark. Choose your preferred audience among business owners, real estate developers, homeowners, ranchers, farmers, or government agencies.

Another important aspect of planning is to decide your fencing service cost. You need to charge a reasonable price to your customers for the fencing service you’ll provide. You don’t want to overcharge to lose your customers or undercharge to drain your profits. 

Set your profit margins to cover your profits and earn a decent amount to scale your business. Also, plan different strategies that can be used to make your fencing business profitable.

Once you start your business operations, you can edit your plans over time, but the planning document can help you focus on a path with systematic workflows.

Once you have completed your planning, you must establish a legal business entity. You can choose either partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), corporation, or sole proprietorship.

It can help you protect yourself if someone sues you. To escape personal legal troubles, you should set up your fencing business as an LLC or corporation. To complete the process, you can fill out the LLC form and pay a minimal state LLC cost. Also, create a business bank account before you register.

4. Register for taxes

You need to register for different federal and state taxes before kickstarting your fencing business operations. You need to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to ensure that your business is legally identifiable.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will review your application and approve you once all the requirements are checked. You need an EIN for employees working for your business on the payroll.

Based on your business structure, you need to choose between multiple options on how your business can be taxed.

For example, a few LLCs can extract benefits from being taxed on S corp (S corporation). You need to learn more about different taxes and the guidelines to extract benefits.

5. Permits and licenses

You need to acquire the necessary licenses or permits to operate your fencing business. Without that, you are liable for hefty fines or complete closure of your business.

Permits and licenses

Apply for a contractor’s and business tax licenses to complete the legal formalities of starting a fence company.

You might want to apply for a resale certificate to purchase goods for reselling without paying sales tax. It can help you with product sales while providing fencing jobs services to your clients.

When a customer wants a repair service, you can provide the required product supply to streamline the repair service and help your customers escape the hassle of looking for required products.

You should also ask your clients to sign a services agreement to clarify client expectations and bypass the risk of legal disputes. Before starting your service work, you must sign them to confirm the payment terms and conditions and other service level expectations.

Consult your legal team on these licenses, permits, and contracts to remain on the safe side.

6. Getting the equipment ready

Different types of equipment are the nerve of the fencing service business. Your team of fence installers can deliver the best service results for your clients without access to the top, high-quality fencing tools.

You need to purchase the right fence-building equipment to cover your short and long-term goals. The basic tools for a picket fence are fence stretches, saws, drills, air, post drivers, and concrete mixers to enable your on-field work to deliver quality service.

The range of your service equipment may vary from client to client, but if you don’t have a budget, ensure that you have the basic tools to handle service requests.

Urban dwellers might have different requirements compared to agricultural clients. 

Urban dwellers need more security that is aligned with homeowner’s regulations, so types of fences like a chain link wired fence, wood vinyl fence, stone, tin, or brick can work, and agricultural clients need electric fences and barbed wire. You need to be ready with the fence materials to deliver quality results.

7. Get business insurance

You can apply for general liability insurance that covers the equipment, business, and injuries that may occur to your employees during service work.

Get business insurance

You need to show your business plan to get quality insurance that covers different aspects. Because once you scale your business, you might want to expand to different states in the country, and you need quality insurance services in different operational areas.

8. Marketing

Once you have sorted out the basics of your fencing business, it’s time to market your service offers to your target audience. 

Multiple service businesses may rely on a traditional marketing plan and word-of-mouth marketing, but a business owner needs to stand out and think with a modern marketing approach and market research and feasibility.

You need to create a solid online presence to connect with your target audience, where they spend most of their leisure time.

Focus on an omnichannel digital marketing approach and build a quality website, establish your social media presence, SEO to attract organic traffic, paid advertisement for immediate impact and results, and other marketing tactics.

You need to establish your credibility on different online channels to attract new leads who want to avail of fencing services. 

Once you deliver quality service to your clients, communicate with them regularly by email, notifications, calls, or social media to retain your customers.

You need to build strong relationships to increase your customer base and ensure that you don’t lose them to your competitors.

Following these basic steps can help you establish a great fencing business in the industry and help you outshine other fence installation businesses.

But that’s not it.

You need to be aware of something more about setting up your own fence company.

How Do Fencing Companies Make Money?

You have limited channels for making great profits for your business that can cover your expenses, pay the salaries, and help you increase your business operations.

A fencing business can drive profits by purchasing fencing supplies at wholesale prices and then to the customers in addition to the labor cost for building fences. As the retail segment accounts for 75% of the fencing business, you can earn great profits by selling products.

You can scale your sales by including different sections for different clients. You can target your farmer audience or urban clients by showing and pitching relevant fencing materials and designs that suit their requirements.

Show them visual representation to finalize your sales and provide them with high-quality fencing products to strengthen the trust. Once the trust is built, they’ll become your repeat customers, and that’s where you’ll make your long-term profits.

You can also streamline your business operations to cut the additional expenses and operational costs that can increase your business profits using modern tools and technologies.

How Can Field Service Management Software Help you Establish Your Fencing Business?

A field service software can help you optimize your service business and ensure that you can scale your business with finesse.

Once you start your fence installation business operations, you’ll face multiple issues that need to be solved, and a quality field service management software can help you with it.

You can automate the schedule of the task and can easily dispatch your service team to the client’s location. You can get the real-time location of your delivery team that can help your fence company deliver an excellent customer experience.

The software can assist your employees in handling the service’s invoicing and the fencing material used that can solve multiple manual processing issues.

A field service management software can enable you with centralized control of the operations that can assist you in removing the dynamic issues and maintaining a stable workflow of your fencing company.

Your management team and on-ground workforce can communicate effectively, increasing business efficiency and productivity.

But only a few field service management software can help you unlock these benefits to transform your fence installation company.

We have filtered the best software for your business that saves your search time and effort.

A Fencing Business Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


You can earn great profits by starting a fence company, but you need to follow critical steps before entering the industry. The rising demand is attracting multiple new businesses, and you need to stand out from the rest to leave a substantial impact on the industry.

There is not one key factor in starting a fencing business because you need to create a foolproof plan and get the proper licenses, equipment, and talented workforce to kickstart your successful fence company. All the above-listed factors are required to ensure that you don’t start a failed fence installation business.

A field service software can help you streamline your fencing operations and help you scale your business. You can solve the complexities of business and simplify the workflow to ensure that your employees and customers get the best experience.

FieldCamp is the top field service management software for your business that stands out because of its quality features and reasonable pricing. It can help you strengthen your presence in the fence construction company and deliver an excellent customer experience to attract more potential clients.

FieldCamp is the Software You Need

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The software has a smooth UI/UX that can integrate into your business ecosystem with no hassles. Your team can quickly adapt to the new technology shift and explore its different features to help you achieve your business goals.

You can digitize 90% of the workflow and save up to 95% of the management work, which can help increase your effectiveness and efficiency.

It offers powerful features at highly cost-effective pricing to help you streamline your business operations.

Avail of the and start a fencing company with the vision to disrupt the industry.

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