4 Best Apps for Painting Contractors You Need to Know

Market trends keep on changing from time to time. 

Some days it is about providing free shipping on orders; sometimes, it’s about providing extra benefits with the services.

No matter how the market changes, a business should upgrade with the changing trends. 

Handling such trends, especially for a vast market, is a challenge. 

These trends also lead to the growth of the industries.  

The painting industry showed such significant growth. The global paint industry crossed over 158 billion dollars by 2020. 

Hence, the management will become complex with the passing time. 

How to handle such business?

Is automation the key to solving these problems?

Let’s figure it out.

Who Are Painting Contractors?

It takes hours to be done perfectly when it comes to painting jobs. 

It involves multiple aspects, more than just coating the walls and reviving them. 

The process of finding orders, managing them, taking care of customers’ demands, and fulfilling the contracts on time and within budget is included. 

Painting contractors are, thus, the ones who manage all the tasks mentioned above and make sure that the work is done with efficiency and on time.

What Are the Problems Faced While Managing Painting Contracts?

As mentioned earlier, painting contracts hold different areas, such as deadlines and needs management. 

What Are the Problems Faced While Managing Painting Contracts

Let’s consider here Sherwin Williams colors. This paint and coating manufacturing industry is huge and requires a lot of management. 

A painting contractor is supposed to make sure all the elements of the painting company are aligned. 

Here are some of the major aspects of painting jobs that need to be managed by the contractors:

  • Task receiving and scheduling

    Receiving the paint jobs and scheduling them according to the availability of the required staff and equipment is the first and the most hectic task to manage. 

    The painting business will receive calls, texts, and visits regarding its services. 

    Providing the potential customers with required details and getting the contacts scheduled must be done professionally. 

    One needs to avoid all the last-minute rush that might occur because of mismanagement.

  • Route planning

    Getting the customer’s address, pinning the order of visit, and planning the route to tackle multiple tasks in one go are important aspects of painting business management that require special attention. 

    There are always road delays due to traffic, blocked roads, or a longer route.

    This can further lead to delay and rescheduling of painting jobs. 

    These problems are unpredictable but can cost a significant amount.

  • Color selection

    There are countless colors available in this world to choose from, thousands of designs, a crazy number of color combinations, and a lot more experimentation that can be done. 

    Imagine needing to carry all the color pallets and cards to the site along with other equipment. 

    It’s not just some extra work; it’s extra hard work no one pays for. 

    Further, the demands for color selection and application have changed as well. Some customers want a preview of how the wall will look after the application. 

    Hence, managing the paint color selection process is a huge task for painting contractors.

  • Invoice generation

    Paper bills sound pretty good even today. But how to manage loads of paper bills?

    When a paint business leaps, it is bound to get many orders. Some might be professional contracts and some residential. 

    Then there might be the bills with a significant amount accounting for large projects, and some might about small projects. 

    Some might want you to cover the entire building paint jobs in one bill, while some might want a separate bill to paint specific objects. 

    The many bills that will pile up is just a number next to numerous. 

Hence, invoice generation and safekeeping is yet another task for the painting contractors. 

All these problems make the painting industry sound hectic. Is there any way to reduce or ease the problems? 

Let’s find out.

How to Manage the Tasks Involved in Paint Jobs Easily?

Automation is the key to managing modern-day businesses. 

How to Manage the Tasks Involved in Paint Jobs

Technology has taken over tasks and made management so easy that the tasks that used to take hours to be accomplished now can be done in a few minutes with more accuracy. 

Mobile devices have become handy computers that can hold extremely powerful software, solving almost all your problems. 

Hence, to ease the tasks involved in painting jobs, one can use painting contractor apps. 

These apps have various features and can overtake most of the tasks performed on paper. 

But there are thousands of software available in the market. Some might provide you with distinct features in one app, but some might be designed for a specific task. 

If you sit and try every application and find the best match for your business, you might need time to conclude.

To make sure you don’t waste your time browsing through apps, here is a list of applications designed to solve the issues involved in the painting job.

Top Four Best Applications for Painting Contractors

An application is termed best if it provides you the freedom to choose from different automation tools, is powerful, and comes with a user-friendly handling setup. 

Some applications that fit the criteria of being best are:

1. FieldCamp

FieldCamp is your all-in-one solution to management problems.

You can save time, stay organized, boost productivity, delight customers, and ditch the paperwork with the help of this powerful software. 

Painting jobs can be easily managed by using the powerful automation services provided by this software. 

Some excellent specifications of this software are:

  • Saving customer details
  • Generating invoices
  • Keeping track of multiple jobs
  • Planning and optimizing routes 
  • Data analysis to determine service performance

FiledCamp is, thus, a simple-to-use field service scheduling software, and the mobile app comes with a user-friendly interface and can ease most of the service management tasks.

2. ColorSnap Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams

Colorsnap Visualizer is a powerful tool that eases the stress of color selection. 

This app is loaded with thousands of color options and can help customize the tones of the final paint as well. 

This application reduces the chaos of selecting the perfect color for the customer and makes it easier to create a shade according to their choice.

A fascinating feature of this application is that it can virtually apply the desired paint to the picture of the wall you want to paint. 

Just select the picture of the wall, area, or object you want to paint from your smartphone photo library. 

Use the paint tester to look up color options. Adjust color brightness and tone according to the requirement. 

Apply it to the desired area with the fill color tool.

Viola, now you can show your customers a preview of how the space or object will look after the exterior painting job is done.

The painted picture will be of the actual space of the owner and hence will seem more appealing to them. 

This will also make your service feel more trustworthy and high-tech. 

All in all, it will enhance the customer experience and distinguish you from other painters. 

Hence, Color Visualiser app is one of the best apps for painting contractors to serve the purpose of color selection and visual application.

3. Painting Job Estimator

Have you ever felt the urge to hire someone to keep track of the area painted and estimate the cost?

Hiring someone for this job means letting your profit go as a salary.

Your customer is not going to pay extra bucks just because you could estimate the cost.

Painting Job Estimator serves your purpose. This application has a feature to calculate and estimate the cost according to the area to be painted. 

Just open the app and start measuring the area to be painted. Once the measurements are done, enter your cost per sq.ft. 

It will provide you with the best paint job cost options. 

These options are calculated with the addition of profit and extra charges, so it’s never too less. 

The unique feature of this app is that you can estimate costs of up to 10 rooms at once. You can also get the estimated value of the paint or wallpaper required to complete the job.

Hence, Paint Job Estimator can be used to calculate painting estimates to avoid chaotic calculations.

4. FleetSharp: GPS and mileage tracker

With the benefits of providing real-time GPS tracking, efficiency, and fleet safety, this application is all about tracking and managing your fleet management.

FleetSharp is a fleet management application that provides the contractor with flexible options to manage on-road activity. 

Entering required addresses in the window can provide the most efficient route to the job site. 

It saves time, and the chances of extra costs caused by unnecessary long route movement are also reduced. 

This application is specially designed to manage large fleets and for businesses that require real-time management with painters on the field. 

It helps track the movement of the project managers, painters, and equipment vans and provides the advantage of online interaction with them. 
FleetSharp is, thus, the app painting contractors need to get to the job site and close the deal more efficiently.

What Are the Key Benefits of Using a Painting Contractor Software?

Painting apps provide an advantage over traditional painting businesses. 

Softwares let the management focus more on enhancing and upgrading services rather than worrying about managing basic functions of the paint jobs.

Painting apps reduce your paperwork and the burden of carrying shade cards. 

Automation is the key to spare time to improve and analyze your services. 

It can help you with the room setting, color capture, color schemes, and accurate estimates and give expert advice. 

Professionalism in your work will get you more jobs and boost your business. 

Many contractors have already started managing their contracting business using these apps. All you need to find is the right software to make it work. 

So when are you taking the trial?

A Painting Business Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


Most painting contractors trust Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paint to choose from when it comes to providing excellent paint finish and life.
The paint selection also depends on the budget they are working on and the quality requirements as prescribed by the customers.

There are thousands of applications available on different app stores across devices. Some are compatible with limited devices, whereas some can be used on any device.
However, while there are many apps for painting contractors, only a few serve the purpose.

To start a painting business, start by selecting a name and designing a logo. Then get your brand registered and choose an initial office building and workspace.
Go on appointing experienced staff and buying equipment.
Invest in business management apps to make management easier.

Calculating paint job expenditure, planning route, carrying equipment, color selection, and closing paint deals successfully are some of the challenges faced when you are in the painting business.

A painting contract involves the terms and conditions implemented by a painting service provider or contractor to initiate the painting services.

To manage the painting business efficiently, one can rely on FieldCamp, as it is one powerful management software.
It comes with a user-friendly interface and provides various automation tools.


As a painting business contractor, you need to know how to manage your business efficiently. 

To yield the desired results and ensure growth, investing in a good painting service management software is the first step. 

You can always make further changes and work on new strategies when your basics are properly managed. 

FieldCamp is one such powerful tool to make it work. So take your business online today.