13 Best Apps for Painting Contractors You Need to Know

Market trends keep changing from time to time. 

Some days it is about providing free shipping on orders; sometimes, it’s about providing extra benefits with the services.

No matter how the market changes, a business should upgrade with the changing trends. 

Handling such trends, especially for a vast market, is a challenge. 

These trends also lead to the growth of the industries.

The painting industry showed such significant growth. The global paint industry crossed over 158 billion dollars by 2020. 

Hence, the management will become complex with time. 

How to handle such business?

Is automation the key to solving these problems?

Let’s figure it out.

Best Painting Contractors AppsPricingDownload
1. FieldCamp
  • 7-days FREE trial
  • Premium starts from $29
Google store
App store
2. ColorSnap Visualizer
  • Free to use
Google store
App store
3. Painting job estimator
  • Starting from $4.99
Google store
4. Fleetsharp
  • 1-year contract $79.99/device
Google store
App store
5. Google apps
  • Free to use
Google store
App store
6. Paint tester
  • Free to use
  • Pro version starts from $2.99
App store
7. Colourpin
  • Free to use
Google store
App store
8. Quickbooks
  • Free trial
  • Premium starts from $42.50/month
Google store
App store
9. Slack
  • Free version
  • Pro version starts from $ 6.67/ per month
Google store
App store
10. Canva
  • Free version available
Google store
App store
11. Angi
  • Free download
  • Premium version starts from $29.99/ year
Google store
App store
12. PaintTalk
  • Free to download
App store
13. Hootsuite
  • Plan starts from $49/per month
Google store
App store

Top 13 Painting Contractors Apps

An application is termed best if it provides you the freedom to choose from different automation tools, is powerful, and comes with a user-friendly handling setup.

Some applications that fit the criteria of being best are

1. FieldCamp

FieldCamp is your all-in-one solution to management problems.

You can save time, stay organized, boost productivity, delight customers, and ditch the paperwork with the help of this powerful software. 

Painting jobs can be easily managed by using the powerful automation services provided by this painting contractor management software

Some excellent specifications of this software are:

  • Job scheduling
  • Dispatching painters
  • Saving customer details
  • Generating invoices
  • Keeping track of multiple jobs
  • Accepting payments
  • Data analysis to determine service performance

FieldCamp is, thus, a simple-to-use field service scheduling software, and the mobile app comes with a user-friendly interface and can ease most of the service management tasks.

Note: You can start a 7-day FREE trial to know this software’s advanced features and functionalities.

2. ColorSnap Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams

Colorsnap Visualizer is a powerful tool that eases the stress of color selection. 

This app is loaded with thousands of color options and can also help customize the tones of the final paint. The software offers you to choose up to eight colors to create a beautiful space. The paint colors are great for interior and exterior painting jobs that ensure the specific details are matched.

A fascinating feature of Sherwin Williams colors application is that it can virtually apply the desired paint to the picture of the wall you want to paint. Just select the picture of the wall, area, or object you want to paint from your smartphone photo library. 

Apply it to the desired area with the fill color tool. The painted picture will be of the actual space of the owner and hence will seem more appealing to them.

3. Painting Job Estimator

You can estimate the cost of up to ten rooms using the estimate template form that can minimize the effect of creating a painting estimate. Also, your customer will not pay extra bucks just because you could estimate the cost.

Painting Job Estimator serves your purpose to paint specific objects. This application has a feature to calculate and estimate the cost according to the area to be painted. 

Just open the app and start measuring the area to be painted. Once the measurements are done, enter your cost per square footage. It will provide you with the best paint job cost options. You can also estimate the exterior painting job by utilizing free resources to finalize the estimated cost.

These options are calculated with the addition of profit and extra charges, so it’s never too less.

4. FleetSharp: GPS and mileage tracker

With the benefits of providing real-time GPS tracking, efficiency, and fleet safety, this application is all about tracking and managing your fleet management.

FleetSharp is a fleet management application that provides contractors flexible options to manage on-road activity. Entering required addresses in the window can provide the most efficient route to the job site.

It saves time, and the chances of extra costs caused by unnecessary long route movement are also reduced. 

5. Google apps

Google offers several free apps, including Google Drive, Gmail, Google Meet, Google Docs, and Google Calendar. The mobile app helps you manage communication, such as creating documents and scheduling project dates.

Google’s cloud file allows you to store all relevant and essential information documents and data. It is suitable for painters because it helps you to manage different pricing plans and match unique business needs.

It is one place for all solutions that allows you to track clients on the project, enhance time management, and ease workflow. With Google apps, you can schedule appointments to send invoices to clients via email. 

6. Paint Tester

Are your clients unsure of a color and how it will look? If that is the situation, a paint tester is for you. As the name suggested, a paint tester helps you with painting operations by offering features showings how a paint color will look in that space.

The app allows you to scan the room, and selecting paint colors will show you the potential result. It will also help you to plan how much and what color will go on that space and if you need improvement.

So, suppose the customers are unsure about the color planning with a paint tester. In that case, you can show the finalized result quickly and easily. 

7. Colourpin

Have you been in a situation where you had difficulty finding the exact color? Everyone has been there, and that color pin app has come to the rescue. The painting app helps you to scan space to find the closest match of colors.

It also allows you to save the color so you don’t have to spend time searching for it next time. However, the mobile app needs to pair it via Bluetooth. Also, it is helpful to design paint color palettes.

For instance, if your client is confused about the paint color, you can show them the color pallet to make the task easier for them. So, next time deliver multiple colors to the clients and compare them together.

8. QuickBooks

When it comes to financing your painting business, QuickBooks is an effective online tool. The accounting software helps you to manage invoices, expenses, financial reports, income, and payroll from mobile devices. 

The cloud-based software is integrated easily with third-party mobile apps, so it helps you to run a painting company seamlessly. Whether you want to see an annual report or calculate profit margins, QuickBooks has a solution for it.

QuickBooks can benefit painting contractors by offering extensive job costing, making complex payroll easier, and a rapid billing process. 

9. Slack

Teamwork is only efficient when there is clear communication, thus, Slack- a messaging app is on the list. It helps to run the project smoothly by allowing you to communicate with its channel features.

It is beneficial for the team as it helps to keep everyone on the same page and solve all queries faster. It allows you set schedules and collaborate by keeping conversations in real-time. 

10. Canva

An easy-to-use DIY design tool, Canva is beneficial for marketing materials. It helps you to craft creative email campaigns, social media posts, brochures, own photos, and flyers. The graphic design tool has numerous templates.

Moreover, the templates are customizable and allow you to create your own designs that represent and promote your painting company. Also, you can upload and edit pics, so flaunt yours before and after painting job work. 

11. Angi

Angi, formally known as Angie’s list, is beneficial in generating more leads for your painting business. The painting contractors have to create an account on Angi to receive more tips. Local customers can look for services and find your business via the Angi mobile app or website.

Also, they provide free expert advice which helps to understand the business better. Moreover, you have access to DIY and home improvement videos. The customer can comment and rate painting contractors based on their experiences.

Angi provides multiple pricing guides for painting contractors and relevant information about local painting businesses.  

12. PaintTalk

Being a painting contractor, you need to be part of a community of industry. And for that, no app is better than PaintTalk, which allows you to have conversations with others from the industry. 

It is a forum conversation app, so when you have a problem with the job task, you can seek help from other paint contractors. Moreover, you can get professional and expert advice to solve the problem. Other than that, chances are you might get lead from that forum as everyone interested in the painting business are part of it. 

So, you have one medium to get the best tips and practices from other painting contractors. 

13. HootSuite

Manage all your social media accounts with HootSuite. The social media platform helps you save time by allowing you to schedule posts, manage comments, mention, monitor activity, and publish posts anywhere and anytime. 

It also has a dark mode feature to make it easier on the eyes. To boost your engagement, you can post before and after pictures of your painting jobs; it will increase your lead and attract the target audience.

What are the Key Benefits of Using a Painting Contractor Software?

Painting apps provide an advantage over traditional painting businesses. 

The software lets the management focus more on enhancing and upgrading services rather than worrying about managing the basic functions of the paint jobs.

Painting apps reduce your paperwork and the burden of carrying shade cards. 

Automation is the key to spare time to improve and analyze your services. 

It can help you with the room setting, desired color capture, color schemes, and accurate estimates and give expert advice. 

Professionalism in your work will get you more jobs and boost your business. 

Many contractors have already started managing their contracting business using these apps. All you need to find is the right software to make it work. 

So when are you taking the trial?


A Painting Business Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

No credit card details required


Most painting contractors trust Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paint to choose from when it comes to providing excellent paint finish and life. The paint selection also depends on the budget they are working on and the quality requirements as prescribed by the customers.
There are thousands of applications available on different app stores across devices. Some are compatible with limited devices, whereas some can be used on any device. However, while many apps for painting contractors, only a few serve the purpose.
Start a painting business by selecting a name and designing a logo. Then get your brand registered and choose an initial office building and workspace. Go on appointing experienced staff and buying equipment. Invest in business management apps to make management easier.
Calculating paint job expenditure, planning routes, carrying equipment, color selection, and successfully closing paint deals are some of the challenges faced in the painting business.
A painting contract involves the terms and conditions implemented by a painting service provider or contractor to initiate the painting services. Running a painting company and separating your business operations from other independent contractors requires a robust in-house business workflow using popular apps and quality painting resources.
To manage the painting business efficiently, one can rely on FieldCamp, as it is one powerful management software. It comes with a user-friendly interface and provides various automation tools.


As a painting business contractor, you must know how to manage your business efficiently. 

Investing in good painting service management software is the first step to yielding the desired results and ensuring growth. 

You can always make further changes and work on new strategies when your basics are properly managed. You can create customer invoices to help you minimize the hassles and share the final invoice with your clients.

FieldCamp is one such powerful service scheduling software solution to make it work. So run your operations smoothly and take your business to new heights today.

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