Window Cleaning Business Proposal For Success  

A lot is at stake when you are starting a field service. With huge competition in the industry, it is quite difficult for a new business to acquire good-paying clients.

The US window washing industry has been a bit competitive since 2021, with over 39,310 operational businesses. And to be able to compete with so many businesses, you must have abilities to execute your strong business plan and put a highly converting proposal on the table as well. 

To establish an outstanding window cleaning business, it is important to emphasize your efforts in creating an outstanding plan of action and a detailed proposal to seek the attention of investors, banks, and clients. 

It is also helpful for you to review your service fulfillment goals yourself and make necessary changes in the long run. 

And this blog will share with you the essential steps to create an effective window cleaning business proposal, to help you secure more clients. 

How to Write a Window Cleaning Business Proposal?

Entrepreneurs need to follow a pattern for business plans to make them serve the purpose. It will not just help you keep your business organized with a goal-centric approach but will help you acquire new clients and represent your startup in an optimal manner among investors. 

The steps below will shed light on what sections and elements you must add to your window cleaning business proposal to make it a success:

1. Give a “General Business Overview or Executive Summary” section at the start

Your business overview must have clarity on all important company functions so that the investors and potential clients can decide what to expect further in the business proposal. It is a common section that should be included in both the business plans as well as proposals

You need to give all the basic business details in this section, which include name, contact details, and legal description. Following that, you can mention the short- and long-term goals you intend to achieve with your window cleaning business approach. 

Describe whether you are willing to offer your cleaning services just to the residential sector or are planning to expand it to the commercial sector. Here, you will be elaborating on your target audience and what leads to an increase in demand for your services among them. 

Mention the list of commercial and/or residential window cleaning services you will offer your customers. Separate them into sections for a better understanding. 

Apart from that, you must also mention if you are specifically a window cleaning firm or will act as an overall exterior cleaning company that will offer services such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing, sidewalk/driveway cleaning, and others, along with window cleaning. 

2. Add a “Market Analysis” section next (especially for investors)

If you have an idea of offering window cleaning services, then a proper market analysis is of optimal importance. Make this a brief overview of how the window cleaning industry is performing in the United States and what opportunities it has for window cleaners and budding entrepreneurs like you. 

Analyze the industry’s trend patterns and growth ratio, and add them to your window cleaning business plan, explaining how it motivated you to come up with this idea. You can mention any specific market survey reports you conducted around your business location to determine how many people rely on hiring a window cleaning company instead of doing the job themselves.

Take a headcount on how many other window cleaning businesses are operating in the location and in what sectors. After that, explain their loopholes and your strong points to overcome them, which will prove your business is more proficient in terms of growth than your competitors. 

3. Explain the “Marketing Strategy”

What will be the foundation of marketing your window cleaning business? What is your brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) that can help you win the competition in this industry? You need to determine those winning factors in this section. 

You can market your commercial or residential window cleaning services concerning affordability, service quality, and customer support. You can mention networking with property management companies to get more window cleaning opportunities from the properties they manage contractually. 

Apart from that, you can add how you will use your window cleaning website and digital marketing techniques to connect with the target market. 

4. Explain the “Services” in detail

In this section, talk about the window cleaning services in detail to give the investors and new potential clients a general idea of your approach to the demands. When you explain your services, you can add the pricing table where you would mention the starting rates for your residential and commercial window cleaning services. 

Explain your window cleaning pricing strategy to make it understandable how your rates are competitive with the market and affordable for the target audience. 

Mention below that the final service prices are subject to change concerning various factors, including the number of windows, cleaning challenges, and required manpower. 

5. Add “Terms and Conditions” to your business proposal

The terms and conditions are important for all business proposals, irrespective of the trade. Especially for the residential and commercial window cleaning services, you must mention the applied terms and conditions for health and safety, payment, and cancellations. 

Under the health and safety section, mention the hygiene measures your business takes to ensure the wellbeing of customers, staff, operatives, and the general public. Include information about how you use chemical-free solutions to clean your windows and other such services. 

After that, mention the payment methods you accept and the time period within which the client should clear the dues. State that the invoices will be generated right on site after the completion of services. 

If you are to charge administration fees for sending reminders to the clients for clearing out late payments, then mention the same in your window washing business plan. 

6. Add a “Disclaimer” in the end

If you are writing a window cleaning business plan or proposal for a specific client, you can also mention the client’s name in the disclaimer. But if you are writing it for your business approach and investor funding, then keep it general for their understanding. 

A disclaimer is a section where you give your statement on your business limits and the legal liability of the individual. 

A sample of the disclaimer that you can write for your window cleaning business plan is as follows:

[Company name] shall not be held responsible for any damage incurred to the property due to acts of fire, nature misuse, abuse, or vandalism. The client must know that the windows might experience minor deterioration over time due to exposure to sunlight, chemicals, and corrosive materials. 

[Company name] cannot be held responsible for the physical or chemical damage caused to the windows if the client fails to perform recommended services for maintaining the windows between the scheduled visits.

How Much Does Window Cleaning Business Make?

Window cleaning business owners charge up to 100% commission on the services. It is because they have to pay off the overheads, employee salaries, equipment maintenance, and other such costs for every service they offer. 

The average that a window cleaning business earns is around $35 to $50 per hour. If you consider a 40-hour work week, the business’s gross earnings will tentatively be around $72,800 to $104,000 per year. 

Once you have the experience and agility to offer quality services in less time than usual, you can quote even higher than $50 per hour. For commercial cleaning projects too, you can charge higher, depending on the project complexity and the volume of work you get. 

Commercial window cleaning clients often ask for a cleaning contract for their service needs. You can prepare your contract with fixed and variable prices for the services, depending on all important considerations. Your scope of earning increases when you get more corporate clients with contractual needs for long-term services. 


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The business proposal is for your new customers and investors to let them have further expectations from your brand. 

The window cleaning business proposal should not be too long and include over explanations on areas that aren’t important. At the same time, it shouldn’t be short enough to miss out on some crucial elements. 

The window cleaning proposal should explain your executive summary/business overview, service expertise, additional services, USPs, company’s mission, and others. 

Suppose you are approaching an investor with your window cleaning proposal or plan. In that case, you must add some crucial sections as market analysis, sales strategies, job duties, and start-up expenses to prove your business’s worth.

The best sales strategy is to do door-to-door canvassing. It means you knock on strangers’ doors and give a perfect sales pitch. It will improve your chances of getting potential customers on board with your business.

Suppose you are not just into window cleaning and operate as an exterior cleaning company with gutter cleaning, pressure washing, sidewalk cleaning, and other services. In that case, you will have more ways of pitching your business to attract clients with perspective to other dedicated services.

Window cleaning services are in demand across both the residential and commercial sectors. The industry is quite big in the United States, and the average rates of businesses ranges from $35 to $50 per hour. 

The rates you quote to the customers will depend on the number of windows, type of windows, cleaning challenges, and other such factors. Hence, this  means that some big projects with more windows that demand complex cleaning procedures, will help you maximize your profits.

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On successful implementation of FieldCamp to your business, you can also mention the same in your window cleaning proposal. It will help potential customers and investors feel confident about your brand and service offerings. 

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