9 Carpet Cleaning Business Equipment Every Professional Should Own

The key to becoming a great carpet cleaning business owner is to offer great customer service with quality cleaning solutions. 

Quality service satisfies the customers, and in your trade, it is possible only with the use of perfect carpet cleaning business equipment

Irrespective of the type of project you attend, modern equipment and necessary tools can help make the job easy for your staff members. Optimal and faster cleaning will not just help you retain quality but will also help you attend to more customers in a designated period.

It is a win-win arrangement for you to keep the business productive and satisfy customers simultaneously. 

If you are just starting your carpet cleaning business and are wondering what equipment you would need to get started with it, you are at the right place. 

9 Essential Carpet Cleaning Business Equipments

Starting your new carpet cleaning business, you must be tight on your capital investment budget. Therefore, every penny you spend should be strategic and worthy to help your business grow. 

A major chunk of your decided budget will be spent buying carpet cleaning equipment. So, you must know what to buy and what would help your business flourish at the initial stage. 

This section here is a brief elaboration on the nine most essential machines and equipment for you to get for your own carpet cleaning business

1. Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of the first and most obvious carpet cleaning machines. No customer expects you to walk in through their door for carpet cleaning without a vacuum cleaner in hand.  

You should count on investing in a vacuum cleaner that must have an adjustable beater bar. The purpose of it is to give you the flexibility of using that vacuum cleaner on carpets of all types.

Among all the other features of this carpet cleaning equipment, you should also consider the vacuum cleaner’s weight. It is because you want it to be easy for your employees to transport and carry the vacuum to different places at faraway distances. 

Regarding functional considerations, you can prefer a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) microfilter system. This functionality aims to extract deep-rooted dust particles from the carpet and improve your air quality. 

2. Dry and steam carpet cleaners or extractors

A specific carpet cleaning machine adds professionalism to your service offerings. For a start, you can decide on getting just one of these two carpet cleaning machines. But, over time, it is advised that you keep both of them in your stock to meet diverse client expectations. 

For most instances, you can assess major expectations of customers for dry or steam carpet cleaning in your region. If you invest just in one type of carpet cleaner, you should know what would profit you more. 

You will have to spend more on a carpet cleaner than on a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is for moderate dust and dirt removal from the carpets, whereas a professional carpet cleaning machine works proficiently to do deep cleaning without damaging carpet fibers. 

Carpet cleaners make use of special detergents for optimal functioning. So, check the product details to know what kind of detergent you prefer working with. If those details match your cleaning preferences, you can get them. 

3. Carpet rakes

Carpet rakes are useful for getting deeper into soft or rough carpet fibers. It is one of the most important carpet cleaning tools which can be used to eliminate hidden dirt, dust, and pet hair. 

Apart from that, the purpose of using this carpet cleaning equipment is to prime the surface of the rug to make it absorb cleaning solutions easily. The appeal of these rakes is just like any broom but with stiff bristles.

These bristles go deeper into rug fabrics and loosen the hard dust, dirt, and debris. You get to choose between rubber or silicon variants of it. It is better if you can get one with adjustable handles that would give you more flexibility and reach to tighter areas. 

4. Defoamers

Carpet defoamer is much like a prevention tool for after-cleaning effects on the carpet. It prevents build-up of foam on a carpet during cleaning operations. They are used in pairs with wet vacuum units. 

The defoamers consist of dilute oil or silicon mixtures, which also help in drying off carpets after cleaning them. 

You will be using 2 ounces of defoamer in half a gallon of water within the recovery tank of the extractor. Stir the mixture slightly, and then replace the lid before you go ahead and shampoo the carpets.

If you are still experiencing foam build-up on carpets, empty the extractor tank and add more defoamer for further carpet cleaning. 

5. Spot cleaning solutions or detergents

If the carpets have spots or stains of any kind, there will be a need for spot cleaning treatment to get rid of them. As carpet cleaning professionals, you can inform the customer and proceed with the job. But for that, you must mandatorily use the right detergent that should not damage the fabrics. 

You cannot just settle on one spot cleaner detergent or stain remover but should have different options of varying intensities to attend to different carpet types. For a start, you can prefer keeping smaller-sized packs of these solutions. But over time, when the requests and demands are high, you can stock bigger packs to avoid frequent purchases of essentials.

As professional carpet cleaners, you should be very aware that there should not be any corrosive or harmful chemicals in stain removers. Make it your company policy to avoid using harmful chemicals and make it your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). 

6. Rubber gloves

For spot cleaning of stains from the carpet, you might need to get your hands involved in the process. You might have to use hand brushes and cleaning chemicals to scrub off stains and spots from the carpet. 

In the process, you must use rubber gloves to protect your hands from getting in direct contact with cleaning solutions. These cleaning solutions might not be harmful to carpet fabrics but might be toxic to human skin. 

You can get industry-grade gloves from online or offline stores and recommend your employees wear them at all times during business operations. 

7. Air scrubber

Air scrubbing devices are used for standard carpet cleaning but are not meant specifically for this purpose. These devices can potentially remove odor-causing gas molecules trapped in the air and other microscopic particles. 

Carpet cleaning is mostly used after cleaning operations are done. It is essential to ensure that no small particles such as dirt, pet hair, or skin cells wander in the air. As a result, this device will eliminate these pollutants and bad odors to improve air quality in the room. 

It will create a good impression of your company among clients because you will do a job beyond just cleaning their carpet. 

8. Upholstery wands

As part of carpet cleaning, you might also get inquiries about cleaning the upholstery of clients’ furniture. It is a very common upselling service demanded in the carpet cleaning industry. 

And for that, you will need upholstery cleaning wands different from that carpet cleaning tools. Different upholstery cleaning wands serve varying purposes and attachments.  

Check this list of upholstery wands by Jon Don, which might help you get the best upholstery wand at the best possible price. 

9. Get a job scheduling software

The last essential in this list is job scheduling software. It is a digital solution for your business management efficiency. With a carpet cleaning business, you will have a load of handling a lot of clients and employees at the same time. 

You cannot always consider assigning jobs manually because it will consume a lot of your business time. Therefore, digitizing most of your business tasks with carpet cleaning job scheduling software is better. 

The major purpose of such tools is to help you schedule the clients’ service requests in just a few clicks. You will have the availability of employees at the selected date right on your screen, and you can just add their names to the new or current projects that you intend to. 

Employees will get the notification for a new scheduled job at the specified date and will take follow-up from your client. You can also share client requirements and expectations with your cleaners from this platform. 

Hence, management of your field business will become easier and will help you save a lot of time. 

A Carpet Cleaning Business Software That Helps You

Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

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A digital job scheduling software is the best equipment for a carpet cleaning business. You are already aware of all the mandatory equipment you also have in your business plans. But, scheduling software is only for businesses that want to grow in the modern era.

Scheduling software can digitize major tasks that a field business operates with. As a result, manual intervention is reduced, and a lot of time, money, and effort is saved for confirming and managing job requests. Some of the proficient scheduling solutions, such as FieldCamp, also allow you to create invoices on their portal and send them directly to the customers.

It is also easy to give hands-on training to your employees using a job scheduling software. Your employees will replicate the modern measures that your business adapts.

Carpets can be cleaned commercially using an industrial or professional-grade carpet extractor. Commercial carpets are mostly cleaned with a hot water extraction method. But for the commercial wool carpet cleaning solutions, you will mostly need dry extractor methods.

Loop pile carpets should be properly vacuumed with a specific suction head. Do not use brushes or beater heads on loop pile carpets because they might damage the fibers and will give a bobbled appearance.

There are specific detergents available for spot cleaning of these loop pile carpets. So, read the instructions and product details before using one.

Carpet cleaning startups cost around $55,000 to $85,000 with all the carpet cleaning marketing, equipment, office rent, and registration expenses. This price also includes the cost of a new or pre-owned van/truck for transporting your equipment to client locations.

There can be other overheads such as internet costs, software subscription costs, utility expenses, and others which would be mandatory for you to bear at the time of starting a company.

FieldCamp Streamlines Your Carpet Cleaning Business Operations

FieldCamp is designed to help field businesses streamline their operations and digitize the tasks to avoid manual efforts. It is a job scheduling solution with a clear interface for assigning and scheduling jobs in a few clicks. 

Every time a client inquires about a service with your brand, you will get a notification for the same. They might demand a price quote, which you can send through FieldCamp with their contact details. 

Upon confirmation, you can take their consent on the service date and assign available professionals. Track the time when your employee reaches the client’s address and get updates on completing the job without leaving your office space. 

Invoices can be created on FieldCamp with easy steps, and the payment processing aspects differentiate our software from all others available online. Our software will securely store all your customer details for you to keep track of repeat businesses and respond to them accordingly. 

For a more detailed understanding of FieldCamp, you should count on taking the When satisfied, you can raise a request to integrate it with your carpet cleaning business. 

For any query related to FieldCamp or its feature offerings, you can always talk to our company’s experts. Find the contact details on our website as we await your inquiries. 

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