450 Unique and Catchy Cleaning Business Names

Are you pumped up to start your cleaning business and looking for a catchy name? Then you are in the right place. 

Having a catchy name can positively impact your business. For instance, you have curated the business services and pricing properly, but if your business name sounds boring or unprofessional, then it won’t get registered in your mind. According to a survey by Crowdspring, 77% of people refer to certain items by brand names.

So, having a good name for your business can act as a secret sauce as it can help gain more attention from your target customers towards your company. 

Also, there are already, if not 1000, at least 100 different cleaning businesses with different names. So to help you out choose the best name, we have come up with an exciting, funny, classic list of cleaning business names.

150 Cleaning Business Names Ideas

  1. Global Shine
  2. Load Lifters cleaning
  3. I-SHINE commercial cleaning
  4. Whisk Drive
  5. Magical Maids
  6. Twinkle Shine
  7. Sheer Clear Cleaning
  8. Sparkline Cleaning Services
  9. Tidy House
  10. Vacuum Masters
  11. Handy Care
  12. Unblemished Clean
  13. Lemon Line Cleaning Time
  14. Superior Cleaning
  15. Urban Fresh Cleaning
  16. MasterCleaning
  17. Watchful Care
  18. Home Orderlies
  19. Big League Clean Crew
  20. Clutter be Gone
  21. Rainbow Cleaning Crew
  22. We Clean Things Up
  23. Commercial Clean
  24. Finish Wash
  25. Bee Cleaning
  26. Rainbow Clean
  27. Green Clean
  28. Spiffied Up Cleaning
  29. The Soap Team Inc
  30. Clutter-Free Cleaning
  31. Fuzzy Wuzzy Cleaning
  32. Polka Dot Cleaning
  33. Purple Hose Cleaning
  34. ABC Cleaning Services
  35. Clean Squirrel
  36. One Tough Maid Service
  37. Maid in Heaven
  38. Makeover Magic
  39. Challenger Cleaning
  40. Supreme Sparkle
  41. Clean Fox
  42. Fabulous Cleaning Expert
  43. Green Dream Cleaning Service
  44. Imagination Maids
  45. Masterful Myriad
  46. Absolute Cleaning Service
  47. One Maid At A Time
  48. Mountain House Cleaning
  49. Top to Bottom Cleaning
  50. Little Piggies
  51. Power Bright Cleaning Services
  52. Detailed Cleaning
  53. Clean Freedom
  54. Your Neighborhood Cleaning Service
  55. CleanX
  56. Ambient Housekeeping
  57. The Cleaning Mongoose
  58. Cool Penguins
  59. The Cleaning Panache
  60. Clean Owl
  61. Chameleon Cleaners
  62. Crazy Koi Carpet Care
  63. Scour Power Cleaning
  64. Partners in Grime
  65. Maid in Bliss
  66. Perfectly Clean
  67. Spotless Services
  68. Steam Fresh
  69. ECO-Friend Cleaning
  70. Bumble Bee Clean Team
  71. Tips from Kate
  72. Scrubaciously Clean
  73. Soap Cleanse
  74. Soaplicious
  75. Buds Suds
  76. Revenus Maids
  77. GeoClean
  78. Clean to the Corner
  79. Clean Team
  80. Brush Agent
  81. Stopping Detailing
  82. Shiny Shave
  83. Tidy Prosperity
  84. Cleaner Flower
  85. Spotless Sensations
  86. Housekeeping Relationship
  87. Tidy Funny
  88. Cleaner Raiders
  89. Cleaning Rethink
  90. Shiny Territory
  91. Cleaner Vester
  92. Cleaning Couriers
  93. Spotlesstudent
  94. Cleaner Upward
  95. Pinch Cleaning
  96. Cleaner Burg
  97. Chew Housekeeping
  98. Cleaning Oceanic
  99. Housekeeping Dealing
  100. Cleaner Hustler
  101. Cleaning Picnic
  102. Clean Edgy
  103. Dusting Responsive
  104. Shiny Squeak
  105. Login Detailing
  106. Tidy Dixie
  107. Detailing Crossing
  108. Cleaner Gnome
  109. Cleaner Sensor
  110. Spotless Notification
  111. Clean Heavy
  112. Kid Detailing
  113. Cleaner Arbitrators
  114. Dusting Smith
  115. Digital Spotless
  116. theJuniorCleaner
  117. Cleaners Ember
  118. Cleaner Attic
  119. Clean Securely
  120. Clean Illusion
  121. Tidy Sunset
  122. Spotless Dimple
  123. Spotless Agile
  124. Cleaner Blazer
  125. Dusting Premier
  126. Cleanse Parallel
  127. Canine Cleaner
  128. Cleaner Approach
  129. Cleanse Calm
  130. Dusting Distinct
  131. Spotless Performance
  132. Cleaner Beeper
  133. Tidy Course
  134. Spotless Strides
  135. Cleaning Charisma
  136. Housekeeping Sounding
  137. Detailing Demand
  138. In the Groove Cleaning Service
  139. Rags to Riches Cleaning Service
  140. House Stars Maid Service
  141. Rain or Shine Residential Cleaning
  142. American Maid Cleaning Service
  143. Magic Rags Cleaning Service
  144. The Clean Thumb Maid Service
  145. BeyondClean
  146. Polish Break
  147. Assured Cleaning Services
  148. Liquid Brush
  149. Executive Maid Services
  150. Patriot Maid 

150 Cleaning Service Name Ideas

  1. Busy Bee Cleaning Service
  2. Facilities Management Services
  3. Tip Top Maid Services LLC
  4. Buildingstars International
  5. Mint Condition
  6. Spotless Group Holdings
  7. Budget Home Care
  8. No More Dust
  9. Game of Soaps
  10. Classy Clean Maids
  11. Fresh Mode Maids
  12. Tips from Sandra
  13. Thorough Vanish
  14. Flawlessly Clean
  15. MouldBuster Cleaning
  16. Sure Cleaning Services
  17. Better Cleaning Services
  18. Lather right
  19. Heaven Broom
  20. Supreme Kleen Services
  21. Shiny Wizards
  22. WashPro Cleaning
  23. Spray Out
  24. Spotless Quick
  25. Dusting Tactic
  26. Dusting Akin
  27. Coed Cleaner
  28. Cleaner Ladder
  29. Tidy Longevity
  30. Cleaner Monitor
  31. Cleaning Coarse
  32. Cleaning Timing
  33. Cleaner Silver
  34. Housekeeping Helicopter
  35. Wheels Housekeeping
  36. Clean Quotient
  37. Tidy Lottery
  38. Cleaner Camp
  39. Clean Priest
  40. Cleaning Permits
  41. Points Cleaning
  42. Cleaners Interiors
  43. Greet Cleanse
  44. Maid company
  45. Detailing Quill
  46. Cleaning Feelings
  47. Clean Goodies
  48. Tidy Currency
  49. Modeling Cleaning
  50. Cleaning Kiss
  51. Clean Eringer
  52. Shiny Shower
  53. Clean Clarinet
  54. Deep clean office team
  55. Cleaner Third
  56. Tidy Berries
  57. Spotless Enrichment
  58. Detailing Blooming
  59. Spotless Pima
  60. Cleaner Factor
  61. Gifting Dusting
  62. Dusting Phonics
  63. Cleaning Thinks
  64. Dragons Cleaners
  65. Tidy Sentry
  66. Cleaning Chill
  67. Housekeeping Sink
  68. Shiny Envy
  69. Tidy Tier
  70. Detailing Dragon
  71. Cleanse Condor
  72. Cleaner Competent
  73. Housekeeping Viking
  74. Clean Conquest
  75. Cleaning Quilt
  76. Cleaner Sceptre
  77. Cleaner Kid
  78. Housekeeping Litz
  79. Cleaner Composition
  80. Queue Cleaning
  81. Storm Housekeeping
  82. Dusting Sonic
  83. Cleaner Travelers
  84. Clean Chronicle
  85. Cleaner Carrot
  86. Cleaner Over
  87. Cleaning Salvage
  88. Clean Burundi
  89. Tidy Relief
  90. Shiny Tweed
  91. Shiny Degrees
  92. Sling Housekeeping
  93. Cleaning Flicks
  94. Clean Coaches
  95. Housekeeping Pacific
  96. Credo Cleaners
  97. Cleaner Dearer
  98. Tidy Tore
  99. Pips Housekeeping
  100. Cleaner Circular
  101. Tidy Foundry
  102. Thinks Housekeeping
  103. Cleaner Timber
  104. Shiny Relief
  105. Compete Cleanse
  106. Cleaners Honor
  107. Shiny Efficacy
  108. Cleaner Crawl
  109. Cleaner Powered
  110. Clean Regency
  111. Housekeeping Sprints
  112. Detailing Beard
  113. Housekeeping Buggy
  114. Cleanse Cottage
  115. Cleaners Pretender
  116. Cleaning Respite
  117. Clean Comrade
  118. Cleaner Seniors
  119. Wiser Spotless
  120. Cleaner Favors
  121. Huddle Housekeeping
  122. Detailing Clip
  123. Spotless Scan
  124. Spotless Urban
  125. Cleaning Cluster
  126. Spotlesstark
  127. Dustin Gifting
  128. Cleanovelty
  129. Cleaning Carats
  130. Voodoo Housekeeping
  131. Clean Creamery
  132. Cleaner Corral
  133. Cleaners Coarse
  134. Deposit Housekeeping
  135. Continental Cleaners
  136. Tidy Shines
  137. The Cleaning Fairies
  138. Magic Moppers
  139. Freedom Clean
  140. Sparkling Homes
  141. The Cleaning Wizard
  142. Toilet Cleaners
  143. Serene Cleaning
  144. Mirror Maids
  145. Zero Germs
  146. Glow Fresh Clean Clan
  147. White Surface Wizards
  148. Green Liquid Cleaning Pros
  149. Clear Cleaning Services
  150. HiFi Cleaning Services

150 Commercial Cleaning Business Names

  1. Continental Cleaners
  2. Spotless Services
  3. Tidy Shines
  4. The Cleaning Fairies
  5. Magic Moppers
  6. Freedom Clean
  7. Sparkling Homes
  8. The Cleaning Wizard
  9. Toilet Cleaners
  10. Serene Cleaning
  11. Mirror Maids
  12. Zero Germs
  13. Glow Fresh Clean Clan
  14. White Surface Wizards
  15. Golden Cleaners
  16. Home Savers
  17. Pig Pen Cleaning Crew
  18. Let Me Clean
  19. Soul Powered Cleaning
  20. Clean Grease
  21. Pixie Dust Cleaners
  22. Squeaky Cleaners
  23. Shirley Clean Maids
  24. Cheers Cleaning Service
  25. Xtreme Cleaners
  26. You Have it Maids
  27. The Sparkling Homes
  28. Reflections Cleaning Company
  29. Premier Cleaning Service Center
  30. Specialist Cleaning Services
  31. EasyCleanServ
  32. Housekeeping Something
  33. Cleaner Harbor
  34. Playful Spotless
  35. Tidy Tropic
  36. Cleaning Livid
  37. Detailing Ditty
  38. Dusting Blooming
  39. Ardent Shiny
  40. Detailing Favorites
  41. Spotlessounding
  42. Cleaning Alternative
  43. Clean Siege
  44. Clean Pansy
  45. Dusting Scientists
  46. Tidy Tryout
  47. Cleaner Verse
  48. Cleaner Christmas
  49. Curate Cleaners
  50. Cleaner Bunker
  51. Cleaning Whip
  52. Cleaner Country
  53. Cleaner Blocker
  54. Clean Pony
  55. Cleanse Territory
  56. Spotless Sleeper
  57. Cleaning Swing
  58. Dusting Dragon
  59. Perk Cleaning
  60. Spotless Spoon
  61. Competing Dusting
  62. Clean Carpool
  63. Shiny Felicity
  64. Detailing Diagnosis
  65. Chopper Cleaners
  66. Spotlesstorm
  67. Valet Housekeeping
  68. Dusting Datum
  69. Detailing Tactic
  70. Dustin Gin
  71. Spotless Digits
  72. Cleaner Cottage
  73. Cleaner Canal
  74. Detailing Din
  75. Cleaner Stealer
  76. Dusting Debt
  77. Cleaning Niches
  78. Detailing Rolling
  79. Cleaner Purse
  80. Tidy Traces
  81. Spotless Elements
  82. Cleaner Common
  83. Cleanse Publishers
  84. MagiClean Maid Service
  85. Squeegee Clean Maid Service
  86. Deeper Clean Maid Service
  87. Washed Up Cleaning Service
  88. Any Mess Cleaning Service
  89. The Glass House Cleaners
  90. Carlys Commercial Cleaning
  91. Sparkling Clean Maid Service
  92. The Cleaning Fairy
  93. Let Us Hurt Your Dirt
  94. Daisy Fresh Cleans
  95. Extreme Clean Your Home
  96. Gleam and Glisten Cleaning
  97. Your Home Clean Home
  98. Clean Your Clock and Everything Else
  99. Meticulous-Clean
  100. Lemon Fresh Cleaning
  101. Dust Buds
  102. Home Sweet Home Cleaners
  103. Blue Ribbon Cleaner
  104. Dust Be Gone Maid Service
  105. Township Cleaner
  106. Excellent-Maids
  107. The Maid Online
  108. The Trinity Cleaning
  109. Fresh Start Office Cleaning
  110. Choice Janitorial 
  111. Diana’s cleaning services
  112. Nature’s Best Cleaners
  113. Filth Fighters
  114. Township Cleaners
  115. Sparkle A Plenty
  116. The Unclean Scrubbed 
  117. Top Washed Spot
  118. Squeaky Unsoiled
  119. Stack up Scrub
  120. Armed Service Spot
  121. ChalkboardClean
  122. Tangled Scouring
  123. Selfless Serviceability
  124. Faithful Avail Collective
  125. Happy Maid
  126. Neat freaks
  127. Friendly clean
  128. Spotless cleaning
  129. Cleaning wonders
  130. Mark’s cleaning services
  131. Rapid clean
  132. After You Cleaning Service
  133. Ready-Maid Maintenance Services
  134. Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service
  135. Wall-2-Wall Cleaners
  136. Cleaning Company All Glisten
  137. A New View Cleaners
  138. Krystal Clear Home Cleaning Service
  139. Steamer Cleaning Services 
  140. Anchor Cleaning Contractors
  141. Your Bright Home Cleaning Services
  142. Beat up Scrub
  143. Medical Overhaul Trading Co 
  144. Come Cleanable
  145. Sage Sponge Down
  146. Scour Trading Co 
  147. Humble Military Service Trading Co
  148. Scrubbed Place 
  149. Two Men and a Bucket
  150. Squeaky clean maids

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What are the Characteristics of a Business Name?

Short, sweet, and easy to pronounce

The ideal motive for choosing a simpler yet catchy business name is to make your customers remember it. So ensure it’s short and easily pronounced. Cleaning bee, Cleaning solutions, Fantastic cleaners, Dust Detail, Right Cleaning, and Happy House Cleaners are some unique cleaning business names examples. 

Unique within its industry

In order to sound catchy, many commercial cleaning industry business owners have come up with weird names. So be careful with the same and ensure you have a unique cleaning business name within your cleaning industry. Some examples of creative cleaning business names are Magic Maids, Mighty Maids, Rug Cleaners, Green Maid, Clean Queen, and Heaven Maid. 

Don’t abbreviate your brand name

People naturally will abbreviate if you have a long name, but these long names aren’t necessary when you are just starting. Keep it short and sweet. 

Reflect business value

This is a crucial aspect. Good cleaning business company names must reflect your business element. For this, ensure the brand name has synonymous with cleaning. Dust Busters Cleaning Services, Sparkle Home Cleaning Service, Shine Time Cleaning Services, and Discreet Maid Services are some examples.

Flexible and expandable

As already mentioned, naming a business is important for brand awareness. Your customers must find it easy to pronounce and remember it. So ensure it’s flexible and expandable. Some examples of good cleaning business names are Ever Clean Maintenance, Dependable Cleaners, and Fresh Tech Maid.

Legally available and defensible

What is the point if you start a company with someone else’s name? It will become chaos. So before choosing the brand name, ensure that it’s available.

How to Name a Cleaning Business?

How to name a cleaning company

If you want to name your cleaning business on your own, follow the below-given things: 

1. What is your vision?

First, write down your aim for starting the cleaning service business. Even if you start small, there are high chances of scaling it. So don’t just restrict the brand name to a particular service. Think your business is meant for a bigger and more competitive market and name accordingly. 

2. Consider your website

Online presence is crucial for your cleaning business. That said, ensure your brand name has the domain and social media account names. If in case, you don’t find your business domain name, try adding some descriptive words or hyphens between the words. 

3. Brainstorm your business name with your family

When you have a list of unique business names and cannot finalize one, get help from your family and friends. Also, your circle will help promote your business and suggest better ideas for your business plan. And there are chances for people to suggest some advanced tools such as field management software, invoicing software to manage your cleaning business effectively.


Brand names are often valued highly because they create an identity for the business that people can easily associate with. Also, brand names create perceptions and let customers know what they can expect. So brand names have a lot of power in them.

Some famous slogans for cleaning are:

  • Wash it. Clean it. Be safe.
  • Keep calm and keep clean.
  • Clean your dusty homes now!
  • Give cleaning a chance.
  • Clean surroundings. Healthy life.
The professional name for a cleaning person is the housekeeper. So another name for cleaning service can be called housekeeping service.
A person who cleans an office is called a commercial cleaner. They are responsible for cleaning spaces, sweeping, mopping, emptying trash cans, and many more. So cleaning office services comes under commercial cleaning services.

You can easily come up with some cute or catchy business names by following a few things such as:

  • Write your story and derive inspiration from the same
  • Look at other business names in your industry to gain an idea
  • Refer to the thesaurus
  • Get help from the free business name generator
  • Think about mythology, movies & legends


If you want your customers to find you, talk about your cleaning services, and recommend you to their circle, then catchy cleaning business names are essential. So naming your cleaning business is one of the most crucial decisions you would make while planning to start a cleaning company. 

People often think the business model holds more importance than the name, but the actual fact is a good business name is certainly a boon, and it can’t hurt your prospects.

Remember the demand for cleaning services is always high and you must provide the best cleaning services. But brand awareness is more important. 

Though we have sorted a huge list of cleaning business names, it is in your hands to choose the ideal name that suits your cleaning business. Now let us know in the comments which unique cleaning business name you chose from the above list and manage your cleaning jobs with cleaning business software.

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