Electrical Contractor Salary: What You Need to Know?

Are you earning the amount you should be earning as an electrician? If not, then you are not earning at all. 

According to the US labor statistics, the electrical contractor has the potential to make more money than any other building trade worker, plumber, or carpenter. 

And can earn up to 100,000 dollars in the US per year. 

Are you now wondering how you can make this much amount in less time?

In the following blog, we have formed a well-researched blog that will tell you how much an electrician makes, what things influence an electrical contractor’s salary, and what you can do to earn six figures. Continue reading the blog. 

How Much Does an Electrical Contractor Make?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics,  you can earn around USD 56,000 per year.  Pay ranges from 20,700 USD (lowest) to 69,500 USD (highest).

This is the yearly average salary of electrical contractors in the US, and it will vary on the factors like

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Company

Salary Distribution of Electrical Contractors in the United States

The median income of an electrical contractor ranges from 20,700 USD per year, and it will get double as the expertise in your field increases. Look at the table and see how the experience level can impact your salary. The data is taken from the bureau of labor statistics.

Level of Experience Salary
Entry Level (less than 1 year) $38,707
Early Career (1 to 4 years) $47,200
Mid Career (5 to 9 years) $60,903
Experienced (10 to 19 years) $76,543
Late Career (20+ Years) $100,244

What are the Things That Influence the Salary of An Electrical Contractors

1. Experience level

Experience is the primary component that influences the salary of an average electrical contractor. For instance, if you enter the electrical field with 20 years of experience, your income will be higher than the entry-level contractors. And getting the job will also be easy.

2. Qualification, Education, and Career

Numerous factors influence the salary, like the number of qualifications you have, your level of education, and the amount of professional training you have attained. All these things determine the overall structure of your salary.

3. Industry

Different industries offer different rates. If you work at a residential level within the client’s home doing electrical spot work, you will earn a certain amount. 

But you will earn more if you take a contract to install electrical appliances in big complexes.

4. Location

You might have a misconception that metropolitan cities in high demand pay more. Not necessarily. More people means more competition. You might earn more where competition is less, and the area is small.

How You Can Increase Your Electrical Contractor Salary

Now you know what are the factors that influence the salary of an electrical contractor, let’s look at the ways to boost the salaries. 

1. Strengthen your skills

Pursuing and improving in-demand skills could make you more competitive for promotion and help you strengthen your skills.

2. Be consistent in your work

Once increasing your salary, do not sit back or perform the bare minimum. You can demand a raise in your income based on your outstanding performance and going beyond expectations.

3. By taking on more responsibilities

Taking on more responsibilities is the perfect way to increase your salary. If you are ready, you can communicate with your senior and ask for expanding your responsibilities.

4. Seek regular feedback

If you love your job title, then make an effort and ask for feedback. This will give you a complete overview of your performance, and based on that, you can ask for an increment in your position.  

So, these are the top 4 strategies that you can use to increase your base salary. Now let’s move and see what businesses are asking about electrical contractor salaries.

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The average hourly rate for electricians across the entire US is $25.46. On an annual basis, this number may increase approximately to $50,000 per year.

According to indeed, the average salary of an electrician is $26.11 per hour in the United States and $8,250 overtime per year.

Yes, an electrician can make $100k/year. This is because the economy is booming and many new construction projects are coming and are expected to grow in the future.

You can choose to become a lineman or wireman or take on a specialized role as an industrial, commercial, maintenance, auto, or installation technician.

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