16 Best Electrician Apps for Electrical Business

Gone are the days when electricians had to figure everything out on their own. Today, there are plenty of apps for electricians to assist them in easing their electrical work, making quick decisions, and keeping the safety of their clients intact. 

The U.S.A accounts for 1000 deaths a year due to electrical mishaps. Therefore, the usage of electrical apps is the need of the hour. Additionally, clients also use electrician apps to get in touch with a skilled workforce. 

If you own an electrician business or are planning to start one, these mobile apps can give you the right kickstart. You can also use these apps if you are an individual electrician, property owner, or electrical contractor. 

Continue reading to gather more pertinent information about some of the best apps for electricians. This comprehensive article includes everything from the best free to paid apps.

Top 16 Electrician Apps 

As iterated earlier, electrician apps can help you save time, energy, and money. With a plethora of apps in the market, finding the right electrician app may seem like a daunting task. However, we have got you covered with this comprehensive list of the top electrician apps:

1. FieldCamp Software 

FieldCamp - best app for electricians

A service scheduling app, FieldCamp, makes handling service business super convenient and simple.

If you are on the lookout for electrical software, we have the best software advice for you! FieldCamp is a kind of service scheduling software that makes job scheduling and dispatching easier.

While hiring staff for everything is bank-breaking, managing all the work single-handedly is also an impossible feat. It is here that FieldCamp might be of assistance to you. An electrician service app, FieldCamp helps business owners like you save time by digitizing almost all your daily activities. 

You can stay informed regarding the activities of all your technicians, keep your customers posted, easily create and track reports, generate invoices, and make online payments, among a variety of other features.

While other apps and tools may perform one or two functions for you, FieldCamp undertakes a plethora of work. A handy app, you can use FieldCamp from anywhere. 

You do not need to be techno-savvy to operate this app, as it is pretty simple to use. It helps you save money in the long run by increasing productivity. You can use FieldCamp irrespective of the size of your business.  

All in all, FieldCamp is one of the most useful and functional electrician apps on the market!

  • Know the real-time status of your staff
  • Multiple payment options
  • Schedule and reschedule jobs in a tap
  • Create invoices on the go
  • No direct call booking

Why Not Give FieldCamp a Try and Experience Exclusive Features?

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2. Electrical Calc Elite 

Electrical Calc Elite - electrician app

Not your regular calculator, Electrical Calc Elite has all the features necessary for carrying out complex electrical calculations.

As the name suggests, Electrical Calc Elite is an electrical calculator that helps electricians solve the most complex electrical calculations with ease. This paid app works perfectly well on Android devices as well as on iOS devices

Electricians and engineering students alike can use this app to solve problems efficiently related to codes. You can also use this app for calculating the wire size, determining the operating costs, measuring conversions, displaying the NEC tables, applying Ohm’s law, and more. 

All in all, Electric Calc Elite is one of the greatest calculation tools on the Google Play Store. 

3. Master Electrician Reference 

Master Electrician Reference - electrician app

With simple circuits, distribution systems, electrical formulas, color codes, motors, wiring, transformers, conductor properties, ampacities, and more features and tools, Master Electrician Reference is a quintessential app for every electrician/electrical engineering student. 

Master Electrician Reference is touted as one of the best budget-friendly electrician apps. It is an all-in-one system that can be used by electrical engineers, architects, electrical contractors, technicians, electrical designers, and apprentices. 

Divided into multiple sections, you can use the Master Electrician Reference app for getting your hands on ohm’s law, electrical formulas, conductor properties, insulation charts, and electrical symbols, among a variety of other useful information. 

Readily available on Google Play Store, Master Electrician Reference is an exclusively iOS app. 

4. Electrical Engineering Dictionary Offline 

Electrical Engineering Dictionary Offline - electrician app

As the name suggests, this app has all the terminologies, definitions, and formulas that a professional electrician needs to know.  

If you want to acquaint yourself with electrical terminology, Electrical Engineering Dictionary Offline can be of great assistance to you! Apart from electrical terms, this app also has electrical definitions and formulas.

The app includes the option of bookmarking your favorite terms, and there is a new word added to the dictionary regularly.  

Electrical Engineering Dictionary Offline is a free app, which means you can gain access to the meaning and definitions of some complex electrical terms without burning a hole in your pocket!  

5. Ugly’s Electrical References

Ugly’s Electrical References - electrician app

After providing electrical reference materials for decades, Ugly’s Electrical References is now one of the most trusted electrical reference apps on the Play Store.  

Ugly’s Electrical References is undoubtedly one of the best apps for electricians. They have been revolutionizing the electrical industry for more than three decades.

Apart from being accessible to mobile device owners in the form of an app, they also deal in the reference guide and other reference materials. They have a separate segment for accessing the quick reference tools. 

If you want to get accurate answers quickly and in a user-friendly format, Ugly’s Electrical References is the app for you!  

6. Electrical Calculations LITE 

Electrical Calculations LITE - electrician app

A great electrical calculator, Electrical Calculations LITE has more features to it than might seem on the surface. 

Electrical calculations LITE is one of the best electrician apps for doing complex calculations. Using this app, you can also calculate the voltage drop, reactive power, motor efficiency, energy usage, and so on.

The more in-app purchases you make, the more features you unlock. Its full version contains some of the most extensive calculations, pinouts, and conversions. However, it is not an android app and can only be accessed by iOS users.

7. DeWalt Mobile Pro

DeWalt Mobile Pro- electrician app

A customizable app, DeWalt Mobile Pro is the best reference app for electrical contractors. 

A free app, DeWalt Mobile Pro is the best for electrical contractors. It is one of the finest project management tools, especially for people working in the construction industry. 

The distinguishing feature of this app is that you can even customize some features as per your requirements. Another trait that sets it apart from the other reference apps is that its interface changes from one mobile phone screen to the other.

DeWalt has many other apps as well that can cover your entire business needs. 

8. Home Depot Pro App

Home Depot Pro App- electrician app

Finding it tough to procure gadgets? Home Depot Pro App will do the job for you. 

Professionals like electricians, electrical engineers, and contractors need specialized devices to put their best foot forward. 

Sometimes, getting your hands on the desired gadgets may seem like a difficult task. It is here that The Home Depot Pro App comes into the picture. It is a super handy app that informs users about the availability of tools. 

Additionally, if the tools are available, they get them packed and ready so that you do not have to wait long. It is a great app for all the technicians who do not want to waste time and energy on procuring tools! 

9. Energy Cost Calculator 

Energy Cost Calculator - electrician app

An environment-friendly app, Energy Cost Calculator, helps you keep a tab on your gadget’s emissions.

As an electrical business owner, it is pertinent to keep a tab on the operating costs of various electrical equipment. Energy Cost Calculator is one of the best apps for electricians. The app can calculate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly operational expenditures of the said equipment. 

It is also a great app for tracking the carbon emissions of appliances. A simple and easy-to-use web app, Energy Cost Calculator, is a worthwhile tool for all electrician business owners trying to establish their foothold in the industry. 

10. Frequency Converter 

Frequency Converter - electrician app

A basic and simple app, Frequency Converter serves one purpose- converts frequency quickly. 

Frequency Converter is the best app for converting frequencies into Hertz, Kilohertz, and so on. 

Electricians, builders, science students, or any other person can use Frequency Converter with ease. It is compatible with iOS. Even though it does not belong to the league of free apps, it is still very affordable. 

11. Mobile Electrician

Mobile Electrician- electrician app

A free version app, Mobile Electrician is compatible with all devices. It is hands down one of the most functional electrician apps.  

With elements like an inductive voltage divider, electrical calculator, and inductor connector, among a plethora of other features, Mobile Electrician is a must-have on all electricians’ mobile devices. 

If you want to get rid of the advertisements that keep popping up, you can upgrade from the free version to the paid version. 

12. Electrical Engineering

If you are an engineering scholar searching for useful electrical apps, your search ends at the Electrical Engineering app. 

With visual examples, usage of simple language, and the option to set reminders, Electrical Engineering is one of the impeccable reference materials apps. 

In case your goal is to become an electrician or start an entire business, Electrical Engineering will help you strengthen your foundational knowledge. 

You can take quizzes and participate in MCQs for free. Electrical Engineering is one of the best free electrical apps on the Google Play Store, without a doubt. 

13. Electrodroid 

Electrodroid - electrician app- electrician app

With a variety of reference tools, Electrodroid is an all-encompassing application. 

Being an electrician means carrying a whole lot of gadgets around. However, with Electrodroid, your mobile phone is enough. You do not need to reach your job site completely loaded. 

Electrodroid is one of the most wholesome apps for electricians. It has a variety of references and tools, including a professional emf meter, ampacity table, electric calculator, and more. 

Thus, Electroid is a must-have for all the electricians out there!

14. Every Circuit

Every Circuit- electrician app

One of the best mobile apps, Every Circuit allows you to create interactive circuits.

With large cloud storage and ad-free access, Every Circuit is a great cloud-based platform. Want to learn about circuits and other electric stuff without getting bored? Every Circuit has the perfect solution. 

Similar to video games, it sports some fantastic animations! 

15. Electrician’s Bible  

Electrician’s Bible - electrician app

If you are looking for an all-in-one handy app, Electrician’s Bible should be your go-to. 

One of the top-rated apps for electricians, Electrician’s Bible truly has it all. For every electrical engineering student who wants to ace the certification example, this app is a holy grail. 

They have voltage drop calculators, pipe bends, raceway calculations, ampacity, transformers, motor calculations, and electrical schematics, among a variety of other tools and features. 

16. Decibel X

Decibel X - electrician apps

Helping electricians identify injuriously high volumes, Decibel X is a 10/10 recommended.  

Decibel X is a utility app. Unlike the other apps, this app turns the device into a sound meter with a standard measurement range. This app was launched with the intention of benefiting the health of its users. 

Electrical works involve a lot of drilling and other activities that produce harmful noises. These sounds can be dangerous to the health of the electrician as well as the residing members. 

Decibel X helps electricians identify such sounds so that they can take the required preventive measures to protect their ears. 

Therefore, when your job site is flooded with unhealthy noises, Decibel X will come in handy. One should consider installing such apps for their well-being! 

Dispatch and Manage Your Electrical Jobs

Schedule and dispatch electricians, create invoices, get paid, generate service reports with our all-in-one electrical business app.


Electricians need mobile apps because an electrician’s app can make their work ten times easier. From carrying out complex calculations to deciphering the health risk involved in a task, today, there are mobile applications for almost everything.
The price point varies from one app to the other. There are free apps, paid apps, free versions of the paid apps, and apps that come with in-app purchases and upgrades.
Every electrician has their way of taking their business or services forward. However, most electricians do provide free quotations.
Google Play Store has multiple electrician service apps. You can choose one depending on your budget and requirements.
Short circuits can be hazardous to life. Therefore, one should not wait and watch in such situations. If you witness sparking in the electrical panel, call an electrician immediately.
Electrodroid, Every Circuit, Electrical Technology, Electrical Pro, and Electrical Calculation are some of the best apps for electrical engineers and electrical engineering students. These apps have a lot of reference tools, quizzes, and questionnaires to develop knowledge about the subject!


Running an electrical business might be a lucrative idea, but it requires a lot of time, energy, and patience. It is pertinent to keep things in order to run a successful business. Service company scheduler software for technicians comes in handy in such situations!

Keeping a tab on all your business expenditures and income was never this easy!

Apart from helping you keep track of your workforce, it also doubles up as accounting software. 

Scheduling software makes asset management simple. Remind your clients and collect payment with ease through the software!  

If you are an electrical student or an electrician having electrical reference apps like Ugly’s Electrical References and Electrical Dictionary will be of help. 

All in all, using electrician apps if you have anything to do with the electrical industry is a great idea. These apps simplify your work manifold, help save money in the long run, boost your productivity, and keep your clients happy. 

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