Home Depot Desk vs. Lowe’s Desk: A Comparison Guide

Home Depot and Lowe’s are the two major home services retailers across the United States. 

Both stores witness a gush of DIY individuals and service contractors such as plumbers, roofers, painters, and other home improvement jobs. They both have competitive pricing, which helps the contractors save their buying time and money. 

As a business owner, you want to get hands-on with all the necessities in one place, without the need to wander around different retail stores. So, as someone in the field service contractor business, you might be in a dilemma in choosing between these competitors. 

This home depot desk vs. lowe’s desk comparison will help you choose among the 2 based on many factors. 

What is a Home Depot Desk?

Home Depot Pro Desk is a membership program for contractors and service professionals. It is to help them gain access to specific discounts and incentives to save money while buying specific equipment and supplies.

Benefits of buying from Home Depot Desk

Home Depot Pro Desk is not just for building professional relationships with home improvement businesses. Instead, it intends to actively partner with most businesses across the United States. Here are some benefits for you to get a better insight into Home Depot Pro Desk:

1. Bulk savings

Irrespective of the industry you serve, you have the assurance of Home Depot to get the overhead materials at their one-stop retail store. They have over 4000 products that are eligible for bulk pricing

So, it means that the more you buy any of these products, the better will be the discounts on them. Bulk savings will help you invest the saved amount on other productive resources and equipment for your business. 

The discounts are available on project materials for all industries. Bulk purchasing will help you stock the goods and have sufficient supply at the headquarters to have a better profit markup on your price estimates.

2. Access to mobile coupons

When you sign-up to Home Depot Pro Desk as a member, you will get text alerts and notifications for special offers, promotions, new product updates, coupons, a video demonstration of products, and more. 

The coupons you get over your mobile device for the newest products will help you stay ahead of your competition at a lower investment.

3. Get help from a Pro account representative

Home Depot Pro Desk will provide you with an account representative who will help you source the right products and will help you get them delivered at the job site. The representative will help you coordinate the entire process from buying to delivery. 

The Pro account sales associate will help you plan the buying process within 2 to 3 weeks. It is to make sure that you have sufficient inventory lead time. They will take the hassle of maintaining your stocks and calculate the re-orders. 

4. Cashback on every purchase

Every time you shop with the Home Depot Pro Desk subscription, you will be liable for getting a cashback. You can use the same cashback for buying more of your necessary supplies. 

5. Reserved parking

There will be a reserved parking spot for your business vehicle to stack up the equipment and supplies from the retail store and transport it to your warehouse or headquarters.

6. Special discount for government organizations

Home Depot Pro Desk offers a special discount for government organizations. A government contractor or a government-undertaking company will get a special discount beyond what is offered to private contractors.

7. Business credit cards

Home Depot Pro Desk offers credit cards to the PRO members with discount benefits. You can use this credit card especially for stocking up your business inventory, spending strategically, and staying organized. 

Home Depot Pro account offers contractors two types of credit cards: a commercial revolving charge card and a commercial account card. 

Commercial revolving charge credit cards offer you flexible monthly payments. You can also use it to authorize credit cards to the employees you trust in your company. 

Commercial account cards offer you advance credit to buy supplies you can pay off in full at a specified date of the following month. The authorized users of this card will be allowed to make purchases. Moreover, you will be able to control your employees’ spending with this card. 

8. Home Depot Pro Xtra

Home Depot Pro Xtra is an additional subscription to the existing program. It offers you all the benefits of the usual Home Depot Pro Desk. Beyond that, it offers specific industry-wise benefits for more savings on buying selected products. 

Some products liable for this discount are shingles, concrete, plywood, drywall, among various others. The volume pricing program under this subscription model offers the lowest prices to the members on specific orders that cost above $1500. 

With this model, you will get a confirmation text every time an employee buys something using the Home Depot credit card. Your employees can make the purchase only after you approve the transaction.

What is Lowe’s Desk?

Lowe’s Pro Desk is also a subscription program that offers convenient services and tools to contractors for managing their business. 

Lowe’s is the biggest competitor of Home Depot. Unlike Home Depot, Lowe’s focuses on creating a supply line for businesses and DIY individuals. 

They direct their business strategies towards gaining the attention of the commoners who want to deal with basic home improvement jobs. 

The best thing about Lowe’s Pro Desk is that they guarantee a 2-day delivery and never miss the deadline.

Benefits of a Lowe’s Desk

The Lowe’s Pro Desk also comes with a lot of benefits for the contractors and business owners to help enhance productivity, which include:

1. Volume purchase discounts

Lowe’s Pro Desk program lets your company get a massive discount when you make a minimum specified amount of purchase of the same product. You are also eligible for the Lowe’s contractor discount on volume purchases if you buy pre-packaged goods in bulk.

2. Exclusive promotions

Lowe’s Pro Desk will also send you coupon links to promote the sales of specific items or equipment your business might need. Take advantage of these promo offers, and you can save a lot of overhead money to increase your profit margin.

3. Various delivery options

You can go to any Lowe’s local store and pick up your supplies directly. But, if you want the supplies to be shipped directly to the job sites or specified addresses. 

Lowe’s Pro Desk offers you several shipping options on eligible purchases. You can choose the standard 1-4 days shipping, next-day shipping, or same-day shipping.

4. Professional account management

With Lowe’s Pro Desk services, you can choose an associate to take care of the supply stocks. You can choose to have a regional sales manager, local specialist, or national account manager help you with the supplies per your specific client or business needs. 

5. Lowe’s Pro Desk credit cards

The Lowe’s credit cards for businesses offer you a 5% discount on all eligible purchases every day. You can apply for it from your subscription portal.

Difference between Home Depot Desk and Lowe’s Desk

People rely more on a Home Depot store than a Lowe’s store. And it is mostly because Home Depot Pro Desk focuses more on business-focused sales, whereas Lowe’s Pro Desk sells to home improvement professionals and common residents for DIY home improvement jobs. 

If you are new to the home improvement industry and want to join a Pro subscription model, you need to decide whether to go with Home Depot Desk or Lowe’s Desk. 

Here are the differences depending on varying factors for you to decide:

1. Bulk pricing discounts

The features are mostly the same for all pro members in both subscription programs. But, the choice of contractors between Home Depot Desk and Lowe’s Desk depends on the bulk discounts. 

Both subscription models have money-saving benefits for bulk purchases. But. Home Depot offers around 15% to 30% discount on over 4000 items purchased in bulk. But at the same time, Lowe’s offers 5% to 50% on just over 2000 items on bulk purchase. 

Hence, this is where the Home Depot customers get an edge over Lowe’s customers. With more items under the bulk discounting offer, people will eventually be able to save on products that are not even listed with Lowe’s. 

2. Credit cards

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s offer credit cards for local businesses with some feature differences in them. Here is a brief explanation of what you can expect from the credit cards of both retailers:

  • Home Depot offers project financing for up to 24 months in the event of special promotions. Lowe’s offers a monthly fixed interest rate for all purchases that are above $2000. 
  • Home Depot card offers you fuel savings and a chance to return the unused products for a full refund up to one year of purchase. Lowe’s card credibly offers 5% off every day on your purchases. Both of these cards offer you the feature of availing of low monthly payments.

3. Exclusive availability of brands

Home Depot and Lowe’s deal with different brands that have their reputation in the market of home improvement supplies. 

Home Depot deals with exclusive brands such as:

  • For tools- Husky RIGID and Ryobi
  • For painting- Glidden, and Behr
  • For windows- Anderson

Lowe’s deals with exclusive brands such as:

  • For tools- Task Force and Kobalt
  • For painting- Sherwin-Williams and Valspar
  • For windows- Pella

It depends upon the preference of business professionals to decide on which brand products they need to work on for their home improvement projects. Choose the home improvement retailer accordingly.

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Yes, there are crucial similarities between two of these subscription programs, which include:

  • They both offer online shopping and in-store pickup services for their pro customers.
  • You can get a regular business credit card from both Home Depot as well as Lowe’s to save money. These cards have very little difference between them, as stated above in the article.
  • There is no annual fee for the credit cards of both Home Depo and Lowe’s.
  • They both offer associates to their pro members to assist with the stock and accounts management.

The pricing is nearly the same for both Home Depot and Lowe’s. It is because they are competitors to one another, for they decide on a price match every time to stay ahead in the race.

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