Pool Service Marketing: 11 Tips to Grow Your Business

Have you started your pool service business or looking to start your pool cleaning business after all your hustle and bustle? Kudos to that. 

Is it challenging to stand out from your competitors and get new leads? If your answer is yes, it is high time you started marketing your pool service business. 

Currently, there are 74,610 swimming pool cleaning services businesses actively operating in the US. To stand out from your competitors, marketing your services right is the only way. 

However, going with the current marketing tactics will not leverage your business. You must take advantage of the digital age and implement effective strategies to attract customers. 

With the right planning and pool service marketing, it is easy to make your pool business get good leads. 

No more breaking your head thinking about the different marketing strategies, unsure of whether they would work or not. Because to help you out, we have tried and tested 11 effective marketing strategies to grow your pool service business and listed them in this article. Now let’s find them out.

11 Pool Service Marketing Strategies For The Best Result 

1. Word-of-mouth strategy

Your existing customers have the potential to spread the word. Let’s see how this happens. When your work is top-notch, your clients will be happy. So, they will tell their family and friends and help you get more referrals.

This is why word-of-mouth marketing is solid, and you get marketed for your pool services with zero effort. Many experts recommend business owners focus on the word-of-mouth marketing over anything for its strong potential to generate leads.

So, you might wonder how to do it. Well, it happens organically, but to boost it up, you can add a referral program. 

Some pool service marketing ideas on how to improve word-of-mouth strategy:

  • Offer an incentive: You can give an incentive to your clients who do the pool service advertising on your behalf just by referring. 
  • Ask for referrals: When your customer is happy, you can confidently ask for a referral, and happy customers are always happy to refer. 
  • Track referrals: While offering referral programs, it is crucial to keep track of who referred your pool service business and who are the new clients. So, this helps keep track of how referral incentive starts and ends. 

2. Offer first-class customer service

Holding existing clients is one of the most important jobs of pool service marketing. Hence, you must provide top-notch customer support service to maintain a healthy customer relationship. Stay connected to them personally to make them feel you care about them. How?

  • Suppose the clients want something; that’s not your business. In that case, you can connect them to other professionals in your network. You also can share your expertise regarding chemicals, the best ways of pool maintenance, etc.
  • You can include discount offers or guarantees in their welcome email. Thus, they can understand what they can expect from you. Whatever you promised to offer them, try to deliver the service as you promised.  
  • Moreover, you can send appointment reminders to the clients on time. There is nothing wrong with sending customer service follow-up emails; if they don’t get back to you. 
  • You can continue with the customer survey or ask for feedback from the clients. You can include client testimonials on your website to enhance brand trust. 

If you can satisfy your customers, they will recommend your brand to their friends and relatives. They will even buy your products or take your services again. These strategies enhance your business profile.

3. Set up a pool service website

An updated website is another best pool service marketing strategy that enhances your leads and creates your first impression. The first impression could be misleading when we judge people, but it doesn’t harm anyone. When it comes to any business, it’s more likely a hit-or-miss affair.

Keep these below-given things in mind while planning to launch a website –

  • Your website should look fresh, updated, and informative. 
  • A relatable but unique UI design could attract your customers, but it should be user-friendly. For this reason, you could hire a professional web developer. 
  • Make sure the clients can get all possible information with ease.   
  • Keep updating the design, information, and other things, like testimonials, portfolios, etc., with time or at least once in two years. 
  • In the world of automation and AI, you should have a chatbot or self-service support system. So, your client could fix a meeting on their own or solve their problems from the FAQ section. 
  • Lastly, don’t forget the search engine optimization techniques to optimize and rank your website.

4. Email marketing

Email marketing is also one of the proven pool service marketing strategies. Using this inexpensive marketing strategy, you can send personalized emails to attract customers. Thus quickly build customer relationships and retain existing customers.

Some direct mail campaign ideas to attract customers via email marketing are

  • Send a weekly newsletter with information-rich content on your website
  • Run discount campaigns
  • Share client positive reviews and case studies
  • Send emails during on-season and off-season 

5. Social media marketing

There cannot exist a pool service business marketing plan without mentioning social media. Social media platforms are a dominant medium for advertising your pool service business to the target audience. Social media platforms help create a brand image and spread it across online platforms. 

Creating social media accounts alone isn’t sufficient. You must regularly post information about your pool service business and interact with customers’ queries to maintain an active presence. Also, use hashtags and related keywords to increase visibility on Google searches or any other search engine.

6. Content marketing

This marketing type entails sharing information and promoting your pool business via blogs, video marketing, and case studies. According to HubSpot stats, 82% of blog marketers regularly have witnessed positive ROI. Posting blogs on your pool service website helps the search engine identify your website and rank it higher. 

Case studies are lead generation tools as they connect the audience with the brand’s story. When it is done correctly, case studies can enhance brand credibility and attract potential customers.

Video marketing is the latest trend and helps create a stronger connection with the audience. So, content marketing, in various ways, helps you reach your target audience. 

7. Business cards

You are wrong if you think business cards don’t hold value after all technological advancements. Business cards are among the top effective marketing tools. 

Even today, many company officials keep their business cards in their pockets. And hand it over to potential clients when needed. So, business cards come in handy to promote business and act as an integral part of a branding exercise.

While creating a pool service business card, make sure to include your business name, a logo, your name, phone number, business address, and email address. You can also add the website and social media page details. 

8. Business listings

If you want your local customers to find your pool service business, try out business listings. Business listing helps to maintain and promote your pool service online presence, especially in the service area.

There are more chances for your target audience to be tech-savvy. So, they rely on search engines to search for everything online. When they look for the best pool service near me or a pool cleaning service in a particular location, your company will appear in the search results. An easy-peasy way to get leads!

So, list your pool service business in popular online directories that provide information such as addresses, location, reviews, ratings, some client pool images, and contact details. We recommend Google Business and Yelp for this case.

9. Flyers

Like business cards, flyers and door hangers are other effective pool service marketing tool  that can leverage your pool service business. Flyers or door hangers are easy to read, affordable, and quickly reach more people.

This type of marketing strategy can increase your referrals and help your business name stay at the top of your potential client’s mind. Give this print marketing a try, and we bet your pool service business will get leads from this strategy.

10. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Get more qualified leads with pay-per-click(PPC) advertising. Since the ads are displayed above the organic search results, more chances are there for potential customers to click on the paid ads and convert them into leads. 

Also, PPC advertising adds more advantages over other marketing strategies. You get complete control over your campaign, set your budget, and avoid additional charges.  

The best part is you pay for the ad only when someone clicks on your advertisement. This means that only people interested in your pool service business and in need of your service are likely to click the ad. So, you are paying only to potential clients. 

 11. Brand your business

Last but not least, branding your pool service business can create loyal customers. Your brand name, logo, work, and reputation can create a memorable impression on your customers and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Some efficient ways to brand your business are

  • Vehicle decals: Vehicle decals are outdoor stickers that can be pasted on your car or another vehicle to express your brand. The vehicle decals printed with your business’s name, logo, and website can make your brand stand out. So, wherever the vehicles go, your brand gets advertised. 
  • Uniforms: Whether you are a small-sized company or large-sized, a uniform that reflects your brand infers benefits. So, to reap a professional look and make it easy for clients to find your brand, the business owner and employees wearing uniforms can create a good impact. 
  • Business cards: Creating a simple pool service business card that contains your name and business logo, and other details can promote your business.

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There are multiple ways to advertise your pool services. Some of the effective strategies are:

  • Directory listings
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Optimizing your website for SEO
  • Text/Mobile business card
  • Video marketing / Live streaming
  • Pay-per-click ads
The pool business is booming. Cleaning swimming pool service costs $40 to $200 per week. If it is a commercial swimming pool with a wider service, it adds extra. Overall, earning $75,000 to $85000 a year through net income is possible. Installing a decent-sized pool installation business earns around $200,000 in revenue.
Pool service is important to ensure your pool works properly. In every pool service, the professional checks your pool water chemical level, the equipment, repair, and maintenance. So, when you do pool service, it provides a safer environment which is essential for your health.
The pool must be cleaned at least once a week to keep it clean and uncontaminated.
An uncleaned pool can lead to various accidents, infections, and diseases. So, maintaining the pool’s cleanliness is vital.

Some of the essential services to be provided are:

  • Swimming pool filtration service.
  • Swimming Pool Heater Services.
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance Services.
  • PH Level Maintenance Services.
  • Pool Tiling & Waterproofing Services.
  • Pool Cleaning Services.


It is predicted that seven to eight years’ worth of swimming pools will be installed from 2020 to 2023 in the US. This means there is a surge in service and maintenance. But there is a big competition among pool service companies, so, pool service marketing is essential to gain more customers. 

As a swimming pool service company, indulging in the right pool service marketing makes you stand out from your competitors. The 11 different strategies listed will give you enough ideas to create your pool marketing plan to promote your swimming pool business.

However, it takes immense effort to manage your pool service business. With FieldCamp, an efficient pool service management software, you can automate the micro works, streamline your service business, and tackle problems quickly.


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