What are the Benefits of Having an App for Handyman Services?

A handyman is a person who is solely responsible for performing a wide range of services like installations, repairs, and even maintenance, typically around the home or office. Many of the companies are still using the pen-and-paper methodology to schedule the task for workers.

But they are entirely time-consuming tasks, and it affects business productivity too. To eliminate such issues, business owners need to adopt an app for handyman services that help workers and most importantly improve business efficiency.

Moreover, handyman apps develop efficient benefits that make the business operation easy for both the owners and workers. So, in this article, we have highlighted the benefits of having an app for handyman-based services.

Basics of Handyman Services

Handyman services include the tasks that usually a paid person, non-paid homeowners, or even we can do ourselves.

You’ll come across thousands of tasks related to a handyperson, whether it may be ranging from minor to major and even unskilled to highly skilled. Some of the service areas are:

  • Drywall repair and installation
  • Remodeling
  • Minor plumbing and electrical work
  • Furniture assembly
  • Smart home upgrade installation
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Power washing
  • Tile installation
  • Window repair
  • Small appliance repair

13 Benefits of Having an App for Handyman Services

Benefits of app for handyman services business

In today’s digital age, the convenience of mobile apps is transforming how we access everyday services. This is especially true in the world of handyman services, where technology bridges the gap between skilled professionals and those in need of their expertise. As we turn our attention to the specific advantages, let’s dig deeper into the benefits of having an app for handyman services, uncovering how it not only enhances service accessibility but also elevates the overall experience for both customers and service providers.

  1. Provide Easy Job Scheduling

    One of the most significant benefits of having a handyman app is that you can quickly create and schedule jobs for your handymen.

    Using such handyman apps, the handymen can easily view the list of tasks to perform on a specific day, week or month. The workers in your organization can manage everything related to all the available jobs and handle the home projects smoothly.

    With its appointment scheduler feature, it becomes pretty easy for the workers to track the job history’s essential information.

    The most exciting part about this handyman app is that the business owners do not need to make phone calls everyday related to job work to the organization’s workers.

  2. Ameliorate Brand Image for Your Handyman Business

    With a handyman app, the customers can easily connect with expert professionals to perform the job.

    Your business can easily handle the job scheduling and even create invoices for the customers directly using the app.

    The handyman app plays a vital role in creating a unique mark on the business owner’s mind of professionalism.

    However, using the standard dependent structures will make the bewildering experience and not have the same honesty habitat. So, having an app eventually helps to enhance the brand awareness of the company.

  3. Less Administration Cost

    Handyman apps are a low-cost approach as it helps the customers to approach towards an online booking. Also, such apps help managers and team members to deal with more straightforward time management tips, enhancing their overall efficiency.

    The handyman app plays a significant role in your business as you do not need to add more admin workers to work on projects like drywall construction of the room and wall painting (door paint).

    This condition works well even if you hire more handymen and book more jobs like furniture assembly, construction, and even remodeling.

    So, reducing the admin work’s timing will allocate more storage to deal with something that enhances your billings’ profit margin.

  4. Eliminate Paperwork

    The most efficient way to enhance your handyman business’s productivity is to opt for a paperless strategy. It not only saves your time, costs, and money but helps to keep the environment clean and green.

    Generally, handyman businesses involve many handyman work areas like house cleaning activities, pest control, gutter cleaning, and other related home services projects. And such handiwork may require paperwork to deal with everything related to job history.

    The best way to get rid of such a time-consuming process is to adopt digital platforms. You can use document management software to digitize your documents using scanners, mobile camera capture, or even importing any file type.

    This document management process’s primary role is to come up with better and enhanced security features such that it becomes easy to track confidential files, reducing the risk of misfiled, lost, or damaged.

    Moreover, the handyman app allows you to easily monitor the changes performed using an impressive feature named “Track Changes.”

    We can say that handyman apps help you and your customers save time, costs, space, and even information transfer strategy with enhanced security features.

  5. Have an Eye on All the Activities

    Handyman apps typically have an effective information system that can easily track all the essential activities to manage everything related to work. Moreover, you can even analyze any aspect in a well-defined way for the enterprise.

    The most exciting part about Handyman apps is that it helps you to quickly analyze and remove errors, complexities, and common mistakes very early.

    Many other handyman apps like Home Depot involve “live-tracking” functionality that allow business owners to track handymen faster.

    On job acceptance, the customers can easily track taskers’ movement and grab the timing information to reach the job site to complete the work.

    So, this platform is an ideal choice for both handymen personnel and customers. They can easily view the complete details related to job work, job history, and other errands.

  6. Get Multi-Location Access

    With its multi-location feature, the handyman platform allows super administrators of handyman businesses to access an essential service from any location.

    Moreover, you can easily access & manage thousands of rosters, invoices, reports, questions, staff, billing, and many more with just a few taps.

    Also, the handyman platform comes up with GPS-based features that help you find your taskers’ exact location and let the customers know the details.

  7. Time Saving Platform

    By having any mobile device like iPhone, Android, or even iPad in your business, you can easily save valuable time and enhance business productivity.

    Moreover, it saves your time doing more work and managing everything related to business operations smoothly and faster. The overall management time of your business can be protected whether it is:

    • By including a list of full fledge features
    • By minimizing the work hours of administrators
    • By creating a smooth work-flow for business

      Initially, setting up your business app is a time-consuming task, but everyone can eventually see higher ROI for your business in a real-time scenario.

  8. Create Strong Customer Relationship

    With its active integration with customized CRM software, the handyman app can easily manage customers’ lists at one time.

    The service providers can easily manage a list of tasks like work orders, documents, customer information, e-mail details, quotes and invoices, and many more using such tools’ efficient customer service functionality.

    Using handyman apps, one can easily manage the business efficiencies, track the workers’ tasks, and use an easy-to-use approach.

    Moreover, the app is responsible for improving the way of communicating with your customers and handymen. You can also make use of social media channels, advertising platforms, messaging, and even group chat without using collapse reviews and an unhelpful spam link.

    It creates complete trust between your team and customers leading more towards enhancing business performance and customer satisfaction.

  9. Find Nearby Handyman

    It’s a common myth that a mobile app makes our lives faster and simpler. And same is the case for handyman businesses as it allows you and your team to remain on the same page.

    Nowadays, clients are looking for more convenient home repair service deliveries as per their busy schedules. So, it becomes pretty apparent that they are interested more in finding the handymen nearby.

    So, handyman apps possess a robust feature named “Find Nearby Handyman” that provides the customer with a handyman’s details available in their nearby area.

    The clients have complete freedom to view the average pricing structure of a particular service they want to take, like plumbers for plumbing work, cleaners for cleaning the home’s surface level, and other techs for home-related activities.

  10. Ease in Scheduling Appointments

    Having a handyman app is essential because the customers can easily book an appointment for handiwork directly from their iPhone or Android devices.

    There are more chances of losing business and damaging its reputation if the customers cannot book an appointment from the app. So, they must be able to book a specific service from their mobile phone.

    However, the customers are provided with different options in the app like Book now, tomorrow, or later. As per their convenience and flexibility, the clients can make the booking for a service using the app.

  11. Payment Methods

    For your handyman app, you need to be more precise about the payment methods. Many times it happens when the customer books for the services and opt for payment through a digital wallet and finds that there is no such option available in the app.

    What happens then? Obviously, they are going to dump you. So, you need to make sure that all the flexible options of payments should be made available to the clients. Some common payment methods are:

    • Debit or credit cards
    • Google Payments
    • UPI payments
    • Cash on Delivery

      Important tip: Try to include the payment methods that are more popular rather than going for a new and unfamiliar one. It might affect your company’s reputation and trust issues.

  12. GPS & Location Tracking

    With the help of a handyman app, both the customers and technicians can track each other’s location using GPS. The clients can easily know the precise position and even the approximate arrival time of expert professionals.

    You can avail the of benefits like:

    • Area capture
    • Report submission
    • Map positioning
    • Job volume
    • Work sequence tracking

      In addition, the app possesses real-time tracking functionality that helps you to get reports of all your daily activities.

  13. Integrated Media Capture

    The framework for the handyman app basically comes up with a custom camera UI design that provides integration of recording videos or capturing images directly into your app.

    The app includes a responsive dashboard that includes a variety of features like:

    • Photo Capture and Import
    • Photo Library Select (wishlist)
    • Photo Image Time, Date, and Location Capture
    • Barcode and QR code scanning
    • In-App URL link to other Sites

      The dashboard is simple and easy to use for any user and can even view the detailed information about the handyman work in the app.

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These are the benefits that can help your handyman business grow on a large scale using mobile apps. However, there are still many questions that might be striking in your mind; in the next section, we have come up with frequently asked questions to answer your common questions.


The best handyman app is the one that provides you with the perfect home improvement and home service. Below is the list of apps that have excellent reviews from users you can easily download from Google Play Store and Apple’s app store.

  • Taskrabbit
  • Handy
  • Urban Company
  • Thumbtack
  • Porch
  • Brightnest
  1. Provide your details like name, email, address, and even contact number to log into the app.
  2. Provide the exact location of your house using the GPS tracking feature from your mobile device.
  3. Select the type of services you need, along with the date and time of service.
  4. You will be provided with the approximate fare/price on the job done for the handyman service.
  5. If you are satisfied with the pricing, proceed to complete the process and make payment directly from your phone.


A variety of handyman apps are available in the market to make an easy-to-use platform for workers like plumbers, electricals, field service technicians, and many more.

We have listed the best apps and their top features that are currently hitting the market, making it easy for you to select the best one from them for your business.

Moreover, some of the common benefits that handyman apps offer are listed in this article to help you get an overview of such apps.

To create a job schedule for handymen and track their status, FieldCamp is the best and most technologically advanced plumbing software for you.

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