9 Best Window Washing Tools For Your Service Business

The window washing industry in the United States is estimated at around $2 billion. The industry saw a rise of 6.2% in 2022 during the pandemic and is expected to grow at 7% from 2016 to 2026.

The rise in commercial and residential buildings demands that professionals with the right tools and quick service clean their windows.

Being in the window washing industry, you need to equip your workforce with the best window washing tools available to ensure great customer experience and business scalability.

So what are the best window washing tools that can help you improve your service quality?

Let’s dive deep into the topic and help you improve your tool’s arsenal. But before that, let’s look at the benefits of using professional window cleaning tools.

Importance of Window Cleaning Tools

The importance of advanced and professional window washing tools is great in the window cleaning business

Have a look:

  1. Increase workforce productivity

    Using the best-in-class professional window washing tools, your workforce can deliver a quality cleaning experience to your customers and increase their work efficiency. It can help you streamline the workforce’s business schedule and ensure that it can handle more service requests.

    You can scale your business and customer base to help you achieve your business targets and strengthen your presence in the industry.

  2. Deliver quality cleaning service

    Having the best and essential tools can enable your on-ground workforce to ensure that there’s no stop left unturned in the quality of the delivery experience. From physical tools to digital, you can transform your service experience to help you stand out from the rest and ensure that you can retain your customers.

    You can increase your customer base with positive word-of-mouth marketing to increase your revenue and profits.

  3. Minimize errors and mediocrity

    With the rise in competition in the business space; you need to deliver minimal errors and mediocre work for premium window cleaning service. You need to tailor your tools based on the target audience and ensure that you have the right tools to minimize the chances of errors.

    With great quality and the right set of tools to handle the specific work, you can deliver professional window cleaning results irrespective of the scale and complexities.

  4. Handle the rise in demand easily

    With the increase in demand for quality window cleaning service providers across the country, you can deliver the best results with the rising demand in the industry. You can simplify the complexities with the professional digital and physical tools available in the market to optimize your window cleaning service process.

    These stand-out benefits you can extract from investing in professional physical and digital tools for your window washing process.

    Now, let’s look at the wide range of tools that are must-haves for your business.

    1. 9 Best Window Washing Tools

      We have filtered the best physical and digital tools for your window cleaning business to help you refresh your tool list for managing your business operations.

      1. Squeegee

      Squeegee - one of the best window washing tools

      A widely used tool in the cleaning industry, the squeegee delivers a streakless finish in the cleaning process and can nearly make the glass invisible with the quality of cleaning delivered.

      Instead of the squeegee, you can use a simple towel or a clean cloth for cleaning, but it delivers non-effective results and leaves streaks on the windows.

      There are mainly three parts of a squeegee, a base or a grip that can help the window cleaner guide the squeegee, a disposable rubber that removes the soap while gliding, and the channel that grips that removable squeegee rubber.

      Different seasonable cleaning businesses prefer traditional brass squeegee that can assist the cleaner in getting a firm stroke and avoiding slipping.

      The lighter plastic squeegees are also becoming popular and can do the required task cheaper and faster. You can change the rounded rubber effectively, and it can minimize the time and energy during the window cleaning process.

      Based on your requirements and the preference of your window cleaning team, you can choose one or both types of the squeegee. You can use a squeegee or a duster to deliver quality cleaning results and remove the fine particles from commercial or residential building windows.

      2. Extension poles

      Extension poles - one of the best window washing tools

      Another essential tool that you can use for your window cleaning service is a professional extension pole. It can help your on-ground service team swiftly handle cleaning tall windows. Having multiple extension poles can minimize the time to set up a ladder for cleaning purposes. 

      It can enable the cleaners to perform the cleaning task quickly and complete more appointments in a day.  It can help you deliver a quality experience when the complexities of window cleaning rise.

      3. T-Bars and sleeves

      T-Bars and sleeves - one of the best window washing tools

      A T-bar can help you coat the window with soap before cleaning it with a squeegee. You can ensure that the surface is lubricated, and the squeegeeing process can easily occur.

      There are different sleeves in the industry; you can use different sleeves depending upon the work requirement. Using a microfiber sleeve can be very absorbent and assist you in improving the quality of your work.

      Similar to the types of sleeves, the size also varies as the highest sleeve is around 24 inches. Based on your requirements and the target audience, you can choose the different sleeves to assist your workforce with the cleaning process.

      The sleeves can be machine washable and reused to handle multiple cleaning service requests.

      4. Scrapers

      Scrapers - one of the best window washing tools

      Once your workforce reaches the destination, they need a good scraper to remove the grime, pollen, and dirt accumulated on the window for a better cleaning experience.

      You can purchase a lightweight scraper to make the cleaning process quicker and easier. Using a scraper with multiple blade options can efficiently help your workforce clean multiple types of windows. 

      But you need to replace the scrapers over time because they can build up grime and gunk. Using a cleaner and sharper scraper can help your workforce deliver the best cleaning results.

      It can clear the base foundation of dirt and make it easier for the soap and squeegee to deliver quality output.

      5. Cleaning solution and buckets

      Cleaning solution and buckets - one of the best window washing tools

      Your cleaning tools checklist doesn’t require high-end industrial equipment. It can be as basic as a sturdy bucket.

      Buckets and other cleaning solutions can help you to streamline your cleaning processes and ensure that your workforce doesn’t have to look for a container to store water or soap cleaning solutions.

      Ensure that you purchase a good grade quality bucket for your workforce, and they don’t suffer from a container requirement at the service place.

      6. Towels

      towels - one of the best window washing tools

      Microfiber towels are highly recommended while handling your cleaning tasks. Equip your team with quality towels that can effectively remove the particles on the window. 

      Microfiber towel has a high absorbent and can be used to clean squeegee when the cleaner wipes it down. 

      Apart from microfiber cloth, give your team an ordinary shower towel to keep the area clean once the window cleaning task is completed.

      Removing the mess that might be created while handling the window cleaning task shows your brand’s professionalism and helps you retain your clients for the long term.

      7. Belts

      Belts - one of the best window washing tools

      Belt can help your workforce bring their window washing tools to ensure that they remove the hassle of bringing tools back and forth from the truck.

      Belts can also be used by window cleaners when they need to clean commercial building windows from the outside. It can help them get a firm grip to perform their assigned task and ensure there’s minimal risk involved.

      You need to ensure the complete safety of your workforce while handling different difficult tasks to help your team deliver results with maximum proficiency.

      8. Truck

      window cleaning truck - one of the best window washing tools

      Trucks are important because they can quickly help your employees reach their destination with the right window washing tools and equipment. You can ensure on-time service for your clients and minimize the risk of delayed or failed window washing service.

      You can use different route planning software to ensure that your workforce can access the quickest and shortest path to reach the destination to enhance your service quality.

      It can also help your employees increase their productivity and increase business profits and revenue.

      9. A dedicated service scheduling software

      FieldCamp - best window cleaning software

      Like a route planner, dedicated service scheduling software can also assist your window cleaning business in managing your workforce and ensuring that you can deliver the best results for your clients.

      You can manage your resources and leverage the power of advanced technology to ensure you cut the operational cost and maximize your business efficiency to deliver the best results.

      Using field service management software can help you transform your window washing business and ensure that you can strengthen your presence in the industry.


      Let’s find out

      How Does Field Service Management Software Assist You?

      A field service management software is a powerful tool that can help you improve your service business operations and have centralized control over your resources.

      You can help your workforce bypass different dynamic situations with a powerful communication channel and get live updates about the movement of your workforce.

      You can simplify the complexities related to the surge in the window cleaning demand and ensure that you can handle the service requests and deliver the best cleaning experience to your customers.

      You can extract detailed reports related to the performance of your business workflows and window cleaning workforce to optimize the existing operations and ensure that you can achieve maximum efficiency.

      A field service management software can digitize your business and save your field management time. Multiple powerful field management software in the industry offers powerful features like automated scheduling, invoicing, dispatching, and other advanced functionalities.

      You can choose the mobile app or desktop versions to streamline your business operations. But out of the different field service management tools available in the market, which one can solve your business requirements and help you manage your window cleaning services better?

      A Field Service Management Software That Helps You To

      Save up to 95% of your time Automate 90% of your daily operations Generate and track reports in a few clicks

      No credit card details required

      Yes, the field service business is profitable because of the rising demand in the industry and the surge in commercial and residential buildings that require timely services. There’s a high demand for your window cleaning service providers that can ensure quick and quality service.
      A field service management software can help you automate your service business ecosystem and help you unlock new potential opportunities that can scale your business to new heights. You can expand your business operations and handle the complexities with finesse.
      Multiple window washing tools are essential for your business, but the most important tool can be the window cleaning management software to improve your business and help you land more clients for your business success.
      You need to provide the best working ecosystem to your workforce. Ensure that they can deliver their maximum potential at the workplace and access essential and high-quality window washing tools both physically and digitally. Integrating a powerful field service management can help you automate the service task and ensure that your window cleaners can improve their work efficiency and deliver the best results for your business.

      FieldCamp Got You Covered

      FieldCamp is a dedicated all-in-one window cleaning service software that covers your wider service management requirements and helps you achieve your business targets with finesse.

      You can save 95% of your field management time and digitize over 90% of your operations.

      You can integrate automation into the business ecosystem and minimize the inefficiencies that can hinder your business growth. 

      FieldCamp has a professional UI/UX that can help you access the tool easily and ensure that there is no compromise with the quality of customer experience. It’s not limited to the window cleaning business; you can use FieldCamp to handle service tasks in HVAC, plumbing, construction, lawn care, and other businesses.

      So, what’s making you wait?

      Try out the and transform your window washing business with the best tool for your service business.

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