11 Unique Ways To Generate Quality Plumbing Leads in 2024

As a plumbing business owner, you must be devoting a significant amount of time, energy, and effort to generating plumbing leads for your enterprise. However, not every lead you produce will result in a meaningful conversion on your part.

So, what should you do in this situation?

The key to getting more business is to bring high-quality leads that are more likely to turn into paying customers in this competitive world. And if you own plumbing business or looking to start a new plumbing business, you should emphasize quality than quantity to do.

Herein you will learn 11 different approaches to generating great plumbing leads for your plumbing company.

Why Do You Need Lead Generation?

It’s no secret that leads generation is an essential part of any business, and without it, your business is deprived of growth and revenue. You could be the best at what you do, but your business has no growth at all without lead. 

And to get an exclusive plumbing lead, you must use strategies to attract the customer you wish to have, as, without such strategies, your company will be unsure what kind of people it should be targeting. So, let’s look at the 12 different ways to generate more quality leads for your business and take your business to a new height.

11 Best Ways to Generate Quality Plumbing Leads

Whether you plan to buy leads or build your lead generation marketing plan, having a business lead generation strategy will help you turn enquirers into paying customers.

Before building out your strategy, take a look at the following 11 ways to generate plumbing leads for your business.

1. Directly Engage With Your Customer

Directly Engage With Your Customer

If you want to develop exclusive plumbing leads for your plumbing company, you must communicate directly with your prospective customers. This is the most effective method of acquiring new information.

You can reach your prospect directly through social media, email, phone, or even in person after establishing that they might fit your business.

2. Use Social Media to Generate Plumbing Leads

Use Social Media to Generate Plumbing Leads

Using social media to advertise is also a great way to generate leads. When deciding about the social media platform to use, make sure that you consider your target audience. You should leverage the platform that they are on so that you can reach them easily. 

Social media platforms are considered the best place to put your contact information and link back to your website. So, if you have the budget, leverage Linkedin and other social media sites to generate high-quality leads for your plumbing business. 

Marketing experts typically suggest these social media channels to generate leads. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

The other way to generate leads via social media is to connect with the member of your target audience, engage with their posts, and message them directly to offer your service and product.

3. Remarket Your Business

Retargeting is one of the most effective marketing strategies. It builds a long-term reputation and extends your visibility. So, if done correctly, remarketing may prove an effective marketing tactic for your company.

Many visitors will not convert on their first visit to your website – and that is perfectly fine.

The good news is that they are now familiar with your brand and should be able to recognize it without difficulty. This is where the concept of remarketing comes into play.

With the help of remarketing, you can do things like

  • Create more personalized Ads

    Because you can see what actions individuals did on your website, you can provide them with advertisements tailored to their interests and behaviors. People are more likely to connect with an ad if it is more personal.

    There are several scenarios in which this may happen, such as a customer who has added some products to their shopping cart but then leaves your website without making a purchase.

    A one-time offer of a discount to encourage this customer to complete their investment might be used to your advantage here.

  • Increase your conversions

    According to wordstream.com, just 2 percent of first-time visitors become customers. This suggests that out of every 100 people, just two people are likely to perform the action you wish.

    What happens to the other 98 percent of the population? They may return, or they may not return at all.

    On the other hand, you may employ remarketing to get these individuals to return to your website. According to data conducted by WordStream, viewers who have seen an advertisement several times are far more likely to convert.

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  • Increase brand awareness

    As a business owner, it’s essential to maintain a positive image in the eyes of your consumers and potential customers all of the time.

    They will be continually aware of your brand since you regularly target them with remarketing.

    Leads are more likely to convert into customers, and current customers are more inclined to purchase from you regularly.

4. Ask For Referral From Current Customers

Ask For Referral From Current Customers

Customer referral is one of the oldest marketing strategies for lead generation. If your plumbing services have delighted the current customers, ask them to share their experience with family and friends. 

As 84% of consumers in any industry – entertainment, finance, and consumer products trust the product more if recommended by family and friends.

So, next time give your customers a certain percentage off their following monthly retainer fee for every client they refer, as it is a great way to get more plumbing leads for your business.

5. Learn SEO For Your Plumbing Business

Your customers should be able to easily find you when they search for your plumbing services on the internet. Learn how to get more plumbing leads for your business by SEO (search engine optimization ) and SEM for your website.

The first step is keyword research. You can use tools like SEMrush or Google Ads Keyword Planner to get information about how people search for things on the web. Find out what words your target audience searches for before looking for your plumbing services.

Once you’ve found the right keywords, make your page content more search engine-friendly. By doing this, you can expect more traffic to your website and get high-quality plumbing leads within your desired service area.

6. Manage your Online Reputation

How significant is your online reputation? Probably quite significant, right?

Everybody desires a positive, genuine reputation connected with their hard work. And it goes the same for the online reputation of your plumbing company.

If no one writes online reviews about your plumbing company, potential consumers will go unnoticed.

This involves controlling your online reputation by accumulating more Google reviews in layman’s terms.

Additionally, obtaining reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and other industry-related websites where your consumers seek reputable services might be advantageous.

And, of course, you want as many favorable evaluations as possible.

Note: 82% of consumers read local business reviews as part of their online searching.

7. Do Email Marketing

Do Email Marketing

Do you like making cold calls? Or do you like receiving a cold call?

No! Right. That is the beauty of email marketing. You can quickly reach out to all your customers without dialing the phone once.

There is no spam in this conversation.

A good email marketing campaign sends out unique and coordinating messages that your audience likes, not making them mad.

Many emails are sent to the people who use your service in the plumbing business. We should find a way to be different from everyone else.

Note: As a reminder, 89 percent of individuals check their email every day.

8. Lead From Your Heart

Makes the most of your enthusiasm to create leads. Most plumbers operate from a sales perspective, but this is not the right way as customers want a solution to their problem and not anything. 

So, to set yourself apart from the crowd, you must first discover your “Why” and lead from a position of passion. You should take action from your client’s perspective to take effective action. In this way, you will be able to establish a trusting relationship with your consumer and generate quality plumbing leads.

9. Make Your Brand’s Story Clearly Visible


As a plumbing business owner, if you want to take the stress out of changing algorithms, updating platforms, tools coming and going, and comparing your plumbing business to your competition, get crystal clear with your brand story. 

Get clear about the value you provide to your customer and how you do it. And what benefits it will deliver to your potential customer.

The fact is that your story is the only thing that no one can take from you. Create a story that represents the essence of your brand to the world.

10. Write Blog Posts About Your Current and Ideal Client

Write blogs according to your target market. With each blog, you can generate 77% traffic to your website. And it’s just not a number, but Impactplus says. It has the potential to generate exclusive leads for your plumbing industry.

When you write a blog, you will not only be helping build awareness of your business but also share the piece of your customer network.

11. PPC  Advertising For Your Plumbing Business

PPC advertising is the quickest way to get in touch with people who might be looking for a plumbing business like yours. They might not be able to find you otherwise.  

Using PPC puts the plumber on the first page of Google for their keyword, delivering the quickest result in the whole process.

Here are some benefits of using PPC for lead generation

  • Attract the customer to what you are offering
  • Achieve immediate keyword ranking and traffic
  • Track ROI down the penny

These are the twelve different and best strategies that you can use to generate plumbing leads and turn your website into a cash-flowing machine. However, if you have a question about plumbing leads, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions in the next section.

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  • Ask for referrals
  • Conduct regular customer care calls
  • Lead nurturing: Keep in contact with past referrals
  • Be a trusted source of information
  • Use the internet to highlight your expertise
  • Network online
  • Be social
  • Do some good, old-fashioned networking
With the help of lead generation, you can build trust, visibility, and credibility by gaining attention from a specific group of people. It can help you drive traffic from a high-quality prospect, leading to high-value plumbing customers.

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