How to Get Lawn Care Customers Fast in 2024

According to the IBIS World Landscaping Services Sector Report, the landscape services industry had a market value of $105.1 billion back in 2021.

This figure is clear enough to convey that in the coming years, this industry will be booming.

If you are new in the lawn care business, you know that the initial days of your operation are critical to its future success. 

The faster you attract new lawn care customers, the sooner you will be able to break even, generate profit, and scale your business. You will also be able to create a mark in the lawn care business industry for yourself.

But how to get lawn care customers fast when your company is only getting started?

It certainly is not a piece of cake when you are just getting started, and there is no major brand reputation. However, this can be mitigated with a few clever strategies that are a clear way to increase your customer base.

Without any further ado, let’s get on with the list of strategies we have compiled for you.

How to Get Lawn Care Customers Fast in 8 Proven Ways

1. Begin with your friends and family (existing network)

Regardless of industry, approaching an existing network or connection base is often the starting point for several startup business owners. 

If your lawn care business company is a startup, it is best to secure your first clients from acquaintances and people with whom you already have a relationship.

The following are a few of the other significant reasons to approach your existing network:

  • It won’t require too much effort

    Your personal connections are more invested in your business’s success than anyone else. Therefore, it can be a lot easier to sell your services to your relatives or family friends than to approach a total stranger. 

    Reach out to your network and connect with people who are happy to help you promote your business and also would appreciate the lawn care services you offer at decent rates.

  • It will help build a positive image of your company

    Your personal connections likely won’t berate you and your offered lawn care services in a critical manner if they don’t approve of something. Rather they might offer you constructive criticism that will help you optimize your work and improve your services. 

    You can also ask your initial clients to put nice words on your behalf to their friends and acquaintances and also leave testimonials on review sites. This will also increase your online visibility and help you get clients for your lawn mowing business outside of your existing network connections.

  • It brings in good cash flow

    The income you earn in the first few months is critical to the long-term success of your lawn care company.   

    When you need to generate good income in the initial days of starting your lawn care business, your family and friends would gladly choose you over a large business.

2. Turn your clients into your lawn care business ambassadors

Another simple strategy to market your lawn care business is to let your satisfied customers do the job for you. Here’re a few ideas for turning your clients into brand ambassadors who assist you acquire more business:

  • Set up a customer referral program

    Many companies have a customer referral program in which clients who refer your services to people they know receive a special service or reward. 

    Referral programs are most effective when you have well-prepared scripts to request referrals and when you study your customer base to identify a valuable reward for them.

    Referrals have not only been shown to be effective at acquiring new clients. They’re the most effective way to attract high-quality clients who are certain to remain a loyal customer. 


    They choose you primarily because of the recommendations from individuals they trust.

  • Gather client feedback

    Digital proof is an effective aid in sales and marketing.

    Praise, testimonials, and recommendations from your current clients will be quite beneficial in attracting business leads. It’s a clear indication and, in a way, assurance that you provide excellent service. Therefore, genuine feedback is one of the finest strategies for gathering testimonials.

    But don’t just ask for compliments from your clients!

    They will be far more ready to provide honest feedback if you show that you are open to hearing what they think about your lawn care services.

    It’s also integral to make it simple for clients to provide prompt feedback on service. Write a polite and personalized email asking them about their experience a few days after the job is done. 

    To encourage a response, send them a feedback form or provide a link to a Google review in this email.

3. Collaborate with small business owners in your area

If you want to increase revenue, collaborate with other small business owners and contractors in the field service industry to create a referral system that benefits everyone.

collaborate with small business owners

Establish ties with privately owned hardware stores, plumbers, landscapers, construction firms, and other small businesses that regularly deal and interact with homeowners.

Strong business networks could help all the small businesses in your neighborhood by providing a platform for exchanging business ideas and client referrals.

4. Leverage the power of social networking sites

Social networking sites allow you to engage effectively with your current and potential customers online.

LinkedIn and Facebook are two major social media platforms that can enable you to gain lawn care customers fast and organically.

Facebook provides two free ways to communicate with locals in your area: 

  • Facebook business page
  • Local Facebook groups

Facebook business pages function similarly to small websites. Although on Facebook, you can add a link to your business website and share photos and your business hours on your Facebook business page.

Individuals can like your Facebook page and engage with your posts by commenting on them, giving you a wonderful chance to interact directly with current and potential consumers.

Facebook groups are a bit different from Facebook pages. They are basically groups of people who have similar interests and can share information or ideas and engage.

You can advertise your services by joining these groups using your personal Facebook account. This is an excellent venue for promoting the previously discussed discounts, rewards, and referral incentives.

LinkedIn is another medium that might assist you in gaining clients. Because it is a professional network, you will primarily connect with other business owners and professionals. 

While you won’t be able to speak directly to potential customers, you can network with other local business owners and promote yourself as a leading persona of a lawn care company.

You can also stand out from your local competitors by posting relevant content but with a unique standpoint, participating in open discussions on posts, or linking to blogs on your business website. 

You’re likely to find a few leads for your lawn care service business if you become an active participant in major social media networking sites.

5. Create a business website

If you want to expand and market your lawn care business efficiently, you must have an online footprint. Here, a well-designed website also serves as your company’s online presence.

create a business website

Your business website must feature your company name, logo, lawn care services offered, price structures, office address, and contact information. It should include everything a client needs to trust in your business services and make an informed decision.

To build your lawn care business website, you have two alternatives:

  • Create yourself using user-friendly website builders such as Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, and Squarespace, which provide all-in-one website solutions with feature-rich tools.
  • Hire a professional website builder to create it to perfection.

Whatever option you choose, if you want potential clients to discover you, you’ll need to optimize your business website to show up on the first page of search engines. This phenomenon is also called SEO or search engine optimization.

SEO has multiple nuances, but creating and posting meaningful content for people to read is a great way to begin. This can include blogging about subjects like how to keep your lawn grass green or how to care for your lawn during the intensive summer heat.

6. Set up Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Ads are a viable option if you’re ready to invest a little extra money to gain sales volume. 

When people in your region search for lawn care services, these basic ads appear at the top of the Google search result page. Potential customers can contact you immediately through Local Services Ads without sending you an email.

The best aspect of Google Local Services Ads is that you only pay when someone contacts your company. This is an excellent alternative to the PPC (pay-per-click) strategy used by other varieties of Google Ads. You only pay for genuine leads in this case.

7. Make use of online classifieds

Online classifieds are places where people can publish small ads which can either be paid or unpaid. Users can either list services they are looking for or services they offer to their clients.

There are various online classifieds available, such as Craigslist, Angie’s List, eBay Classifieds, and even Facebook Marketplace. Admittedly, discovering and screening potential clients on the internet can be a time-consuming procedure.

Some classifieds, such as Craigslist, have a bit of a reputation for shady deals and dubious job postings. 

However, the platform’s inadequacies make it easier for you to stand out in the crowd and gain business deals. If you receive a request for lawn care services, simply respond with a short email.

You can quickly introduce yourself, your company, and the context of your email. Next, you can talk about the services you can provide in response to the classified ad request, plus any extra lawn care services you can provide. 

You can also quickly discuss the advantages your services will provide. Then schedule a brief phone call with them before obtaining a quote for your services. Also, ensure the prospective client responds to your email by asking them a question or providing guidance on how to get started.

8. Use technological solutions to analyze key business metrics

You can use technological solutions to determine how well your lawn care business is working.

With a software solution, you can determine whether you are quoting the correct lawn care pricing for jobs or whether you have under-quoted a job. You can also plan efficient routes so that your field service employees spend little time on the road between assigned tasks.

Use field service management and scheduling software to gather data on how long it takes you to complete work, how optimized your routes are, how many tasks you complete per day, and more. Make alterations as needed to reduce costs while increasing sales and profit.

A Lawn Care Business Software That Helps You

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During their initial period, most lawn care businesses earn $5,000 to $50,000. And after a while in the industry, they can earn up to $160,000 to $250,000. Therefore, starting a lawn care business offers a high-profit potential.

$160,000 to $250,000.

Here are a few effective ways to advertise your lawn care or landscaping business:

  • Social networking
  • Yellow Pages ads
  • Business cards
  • Brochures and posters
  • Direct mail
  • Business website
  • Google Ads
  • Word-of-Mouth

Facebook advertising is currently one of the most effective marketing techniques for lawn care and landscaping service companies. It is because it generates an incredibly high ROI (return on investment) for local businesses.

How Can FieldCamp Help Streamline Your Lawn Care Business Processes?

With these best eight strategies, you are sure to win a lot of potential clients and also retain your existing customers effectively. However, let’s not forget the running the business aspect entirely.

As discussed earlier, a technological solution like lawn care scheduling software can automate a lot of work processes for you and help you run your lawn care business smoothly.

This is where FieldCamp enters!

It is one such remarkable software solution that can help you with the above requirement easily. 

FieldCamp can schedule jobs for your, dispatch your lawn mowing professionals, and track them and the ongoing work. It can also generate business analytics that will help make informed business decisions.

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